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Jul 28, 2014 03:48 PM

Food Processors and the D word.

That's right... DICE. Why hasn't dicing been part of the evolution of the food processor before? It's really the only thing I've ever wanted in a food processor that I don't have. I use a Cuisinart DLC-7 and, while I prefer it to nearly everything else I've tried, I still long for dicing.

While I was browsing the Macy's online sale yesterday, I came across a Kitchenaid stand mixer attachment that resembles a small food processor, but it slices variable thickness AND DICES. DICES. I tried a regular Kitchenaid food processor once and was completely unimpressed, so when they made a 16 cup proline version that dices I couldn't bring myself to buy it.... but this little attachment ($179 with Macy's coupon) seemed like it might work.

Has anyone tried this? Is it new? Old? Have I just ignored Kitchenaid attachments for so long I never noticed?

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  1. Would something like this work for you? I got something similar at Costco a couple of years ago for IIRC about $20.

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    1. My food processor has a set of blades that dice very very well. However I think I must have been drunk when I bought it because even though it was used, it is to date the single most expensive kitchen item I have ever purchased (including a 2 meter long stainless steel range hood).

      My recommendation is to just use a knife.

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      1. re: Pwizduo

        what type of food processor do you have that dices?

        1. re: Susangria

          This is the current version (mine is a couple years old)

          It's a model from a Brazilian manufacturer. l'm not sure if it is widely available in the US. As I mentioned, used, it set me back about $1200. It has never ceased to amaze me with how unbelievably amazing it is, even so, at least in my case, it wasn't worth the money and I'm not sure that even if it is the last processor I ever buy in my life that it will have been worth the money.

          1. re: Pwizduo

            Maybe I'm exaggerating, $1200 is a lot of money, but it didn't leave me homeless. I'm not exactly regretting it, every time I make a 5 gallon bucket of salsa for a party in about 10 minutes I feel pretty pleased. On the other hand if presented with the opportunity to buy it again, I don't think I'd do so..

            It also weighs more than all of my knives + cutting boards put together, so unless i'm making the aforementioned 5 gallons of salsa (or french fries for 50 guests) I generally leave it on the shelf and do it manually.

      2. I do have knives. I have lots of them. I also have a little manual dicer, as well as an original Veg-o-matic. I still long for some sort of food processor that dices. Short of buying a commercial unit like a Robot-Coupe I think my only choices may be the Magimix 4200XL or 5200XL with a french fry/baton accessory or the Kitchenaid food processor attachment for stand mixers.

        While buying a whole new food processor wouldn't be my ideal solution, I would be willing to get a Magimix if the dicing/baton/french fry accessory worked well. Any comments from CHounds with experience there would be appreciated, or ideas I have yet to mention, too. Thank you!

        1. I've found the french fry blade for my Cuisinart CFP-5A is a pretty good precursor to a dice.

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          1. re: sr44

            I was thinking french fry disc, then taking those pieces and feeding them thru the other way. Wouldn't that produce a dice of uniform pieces?

            I'd love to test it out, but I don't have a french fry disc :-(

            1. re: Molly James

              I have a french fry disk (6x6) for my DLC-7 but it makes elongated dices like, well, french fries. There's no way to put those back into the feeding tube so they would all be re-cut properly. I have tried pre-cutting items by slicing them lengthwise and feeding them but they inevitably turn or twist in the feeding tube rendering my efforts ineffective.

          2. can you post a link to the ka attachment, please? thanks.

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            1. re: eLizard

              Not the OP, but here is the link

              I had to go look, as quite a while ago, I was part of a KA focus group for the concept/item (hadn't realized it was on the market now). It's quite similar to the old KA DVSA food processor attachment, that cost new, a fraction of this unit.

              Things may have changed since I last looked, but KA was constantly slammed in consumer reviews of the variable blade slicing function (when it was first introduced) on their food processor.

                1. re: eLizard

                  Don't bother. Bought it, tried it, returned it. Loved the concept, hated the execution.

                  One, the dicing blade and grate (entire reason I bought it) don't work well together. The blades are lifted off the grate because food gets caught in between. The feed tube is pretty narrow, making it difficult to prep vegetables (other than carrots and zucchini) for feeding. The only vegetables that really work are zucchini and squash, mostly because of their shape and density.

                  I spent a lot of time cleaning out food particles that got stuck in the grates. I do like the fact the processed food falls into the bowl of your choice... but that wasn't enough for me to keep it.

                  My next try is the Magimix 5200XL, which I got from Chef's Catalog at 15% off the already discounted price with a few extra attachments. I ordered the dicing kit for it so we'll see how that goes.

                    1. re: eLizard

                      Just a word on the Magimix stick/dicing attachment. I really wanted this possibility so bought the Magimix because of this - it really DOES work well!! I use it often for dicing and also for making french fries (you don't need to plug the food processor into electricity for this) The french fries taste so much better than any frozen ones I've ever tried (put them in the oven with 1 tablespoon of olive oil) Also I can make sticks of veggies such as courgettes to cook. I don't know what Magimix cost in the US (I live in Paris and they're made in France) All my other appliances (stand mixer, blender, hand mixer etc. ) are Kitchenaid which I love dearly, and I admit I'm tempted by the Proline food processor......

                      1. re: PattiDee

                        Don't be tempted by the Proline. It's not the quality or design excellence you're used to with Magimix or even Cuisinart. Kitchenaid makes excellent mixers, not food processors. I bought the Magimix and the stick/dicing kit. It works beautifully.