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Good places in Verdun?

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Hey there

Are there any good foodie places in Verdun or do I have wishful thinking?

Any kind of food, any price - it doesn't matter!


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  1. Haven't been there, but Simpléchic (3610 Wellington, 514 768-4224) got postive write-ups in the Gazette, Voir and maybe a couple of other local papers last year. The link below will take you to the Voir review.

    Link: http://www.voir.ca/restos/chronique.a...

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    1. re: carswell

      Simpléchic is EXCELLENT.

      Chez Linda is also excellent - super service, great food. Classy establishment.

      Garage Café is a great place for a drink and some friends, nice decor and great food for about $15.

      Villa del Tequilla on Wellington is a true, authentic Mexicain spot. Best mango margarita. Really good food.

      1. re: ALi

        Hecho en Mexico @ 4816 Wellington near 4th Avenue is, IMHO, a much more authentic Mexican restaurant. The portions are bigger, the prices are much & the staff more knowledgeable.

        1. re: Emeraldblack

          Emeraldblack, have you tried Villa de Tequila before it disappeared in 2007? I found their offerings similar.

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            I read one reviewer complaining about the food here and should of taken their opinion seriously. THE PORTIONS ARE NOT BIG, the latino waitress can't smile to save her own life and the food (enchilada's) weren't very good nor were the quesadiallas. The enchiladas were made with boiled chicken and many parts of the chicken were included. It tasted of exactly that "boiled chicken". The quesadiallas were small and nothing in but melted cheese.
            Tasted like bland mozzarella. The good thing about the restaurant is the French Canadian waitress she is very friendly and good at her job. The only asset Hecho en Mexico

      2. Italian: Chez Linda Corner Wellington/Hickson, family owned/run, classic rich italian food. Price- 15-30$

        Chiniese: Panda 5653 Verdun ave. Price:CHEAP 5-10$

        Bistro: Garage Cafe 275 Hickson, Bistro style, fun atmosphere, great burgers, fish plates, and thin crust pizzas. Price: 15-20$

        General: Woodland's Corner Woodland/Wellington. BEST PIZZA EVER, they also have twice baked poutine, yum. Price: 12-20$

        Hot Dogs and fries: Normand Patatte 4087 Verdun ave. best homemade fries and steamies. Price: 5$

        If you have any other questions, please ask. :)

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        1. re: Michelle

          I concur with WOODLAND although I never tried the pizza there.

          Best chopped egg sandwich in town....for 75 cents extra they load up with double filling and extra mayo....delicious heaping sandwich for $4.50 (includes the double filling...o/w it's $3.75)

          Sliced chicken sandwich is also the BEST.

          I go out of my way to eat at WOODLAND

        2. Villa Wellington, 4701 Wellington
          Fab and cheap Peruvian fare
          Great seafood, especially the ceviche and grilled and fried dishes

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          1. re: chilipepper

            How could I possibly forget to mention the Villa Wellington?!? Now my secret spot is out.

            best calamari ever. Succulent, tender chicken. Great shrimp. Everything is good there.

          2. Very small and quirky, serving huge plates of hearty food from the small island of Mauritius:

            Aux Delices de l'Ile Maurice
            272, rue Hickson, Verdun
            (514) 768-6023

            Link: http://www.voir.ca/restos/chronique.a...

            1. Chez Linda has the BEST breakfast. Busy on the weekends, but sooo good, and so not expensive!

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              1. re: gokkusagi

                Su on wellington offers wonderful turkish cuisine. Even my two year old went crazy for their braised beef and bulgar. Make sure to try some of their eggplant dishes. they are to die for.


                Another worthy foodie place is the Naked Lunch, also on wellington. I recommend their frozen criossants. they take 12 minutes to cook and are guaranteed to impress any guests. I love offering them to out of towners. It always makes them jealous of the amazing pastries we have here in montreal :) I have not tried their food, but i hear it's good.

                Other popular places are: L'atelier gourmand on Wellington (take out, free trade coffee), some tea shop on wellington (forgot the name, but cute female owner has won prizes for operating a 'green' business). And how can i forget the Patio on the intresction of hickson and gertrude. I had a memorable meal there about a year ago. Too bad i have an intolerance for bivalves.

                Also, if you cook, you should try visiting viandal on De l'eglise. That's the butcher between the CLSC, and the building they are redoing as an extention to the CLSC. I really hope they don't touch viendal. If you know you meat McCormick on De l'eglise and Bannatyne is really really good. But if you don't know your meat he will try to pass off things that i don't like smelling, let alone eating. The guy used to have a stand at Marche atwater and claims to still supply several butchers there.

                And of course, if you like cooking you can just hop on the 108 bus or take the bike path over to marche atwater:)

                hehehe. I just noticed that post is a couple of years old. Sorry for the late reply :)

                1. re: hala

                  Villa Del Tequila is closed down.

                  Try: Hecho En Mexico - 4816 Wellington

                  Chorizo Tacos
                  Steak Tacos
                  Tartar Jalapeno

                  to name a few of the authentic dishes they have there...frozen drinks and Jarritos sodas.
                  Can't go wrong.

                  DO NOT go to mexi-go around the corner, it's grade-f slop

                  1. re: Hoster

                    Is this the new place that opened up about a month ago? I actually had a pretty poor meal there the other day. All the food had a super bitter taste, and it was really expensive for mexican. I'll drive across the city to Coin du Mexique before I will go there again.

                    1. re: Keramel

                      Yes they recently opened up. I have to tell you, there's a HUGE difference between authentic Mexican and "Carlos and Pepes" fajita night. Nothing was bitter in our meal, we had the Chorizo Tacos and the Enchilladas, both amazing dishes, properly seasoned and the portions we're huge. The entree of Nachos and salsa had a perfect balance of spice and salt. And you can't go wrong with homemade tortillas.

                      Of course there are better places across town, but Hecho En Mexico is certainly not overpriced (it is very reasonable to be quite honest) and if you only have Verdun as an option this place is a rare treat for someone like me who's lived here for a good 5 years.

                      Great place, cute intimate environment, good food and an attentive waitress who takes good care. Gives me a reason to not pick up Old El Paso at Provigo.

                      8.5/10 for me

                      1. re: Hoster

                        Hahaha ok, just because I didn't like the place when I went doesn't mean I was comparing it to Carlos and Pepes. That's a pretty rude comment. and makes false assumptions about my level of experience with Mexican food. The servings were huge for us too, but we left most of it on the plate because of the all-pervasive bitterness, also because they forgot to bring our soup and brought it with the entrees.

                        I am, however, very happy you liked it because I want new restaurants in Verdun to succeed. People should give it a try and share their opinion. Maybe my experience was a fluke, you never know.

                        1. re: Hoster

                          man people should start posting the numbers instead of expensive, overpriced, cheap etc...

                          1. re: Ghostquatre

                            Good point. I believe it was about $45 for two, excluding tip and with no alcoholic beverages. Not super expensive but since I left most on the plate, disappointing. About 1.5 times the prices of Coin du Mexique.

                            1. re: Keramel

                              Nice decor , good food , great if you live in verdun..not so great service..thats okay, still loved it!!

                2. Casa Manolo (4436 Wellington, between Rielle and Willibrord) does a decent Portuguese chicken for those who don't want to trek all the way to Romados. What really stands out is their squid, though.

                  Aka-Fuji Sushi (3872 Wellington) - Affordable, well-prepared Japanese food, mainly sushi but with a good selection of non-sushi items.

                  Can't say enough good things about Su, already mentioned in this thread. Fantastic grilled swordfish kebabs, and really good Hunkar Begendi.

                  I really miss Villa de Tequila, though. Haven't been able to find anywhere that did a molcajete like they did.

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                  1. re: davekry

                    Lotus Bleu on Verdun in amazing, everyone should definitely check that out. And for some good and very cheap Bengal food there's Maggy on Wellington.

                    1. re: davekry

                      I second your recommendation for Casa Manolo, it is really good, the only little complaint I have was that I found their appetizers very pricey. Stick to the mains they are a great value (I didn't try to squid though, that might be worth it!). Su is AMAZING I loved my meal there...and the owner or head waiter (the guy who greets you at the door) was just lovely and brought us a drink while we waited for a table, even though we had no reservation....it was packed! I also recommend Resto Delicieux at 4830 Verdun. It's a hole-in-the wall for sure but he does a fantastic poutine and with a little notice can make up all kinds of curry and other special dishes for you. Also I enjoy very much Restaurant Fu Yuan at 4434 Wellington. Very nice Chinese food and sweet owners as well.

                      Restaurant Fu Yuan
                      4424 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G1W5, CA

                      1. re: davekry

                        Totally agree with Aja-Fuji, VIlla Wellington and Su ! Looking forward to trying Casa Manolo.

                        Another one to mention is MAS cuisine (3779 Wellington) already discussed a lot on this board. I would also add Nu-Art café for nice week-end brunches (3770 Wellington).

                      2. I wanted to add a place that is not a restaurent. La Tazza on wellington @ hickson is one of my favorite places to have a cup of hot chocolate. The owner makes it from good quality cocoa powder and milk no other ingredients added unless you ask for sugar or cane syrup. she also has lots of tea accessories and interesting condiments, kusmi tea and humaniterra coffee. The owner makes her own gelato from scratch. mmm.

                        If you like tea, you should make sure to visit Cha Noir, she has a wonderful collection of teas and has a couple of snaking items as well as chocolate from Chocolat Privilege to go with it:) Bliss.

                        1. Apparently there's a newcomer to Wellington called Snack Bar Fromago. The Hour.ca had a good review for it, though I haven't tried it yet. Not that restos should be all aesthetics, but it's nice to have something prettier in this part of town.

                          Anyone been?


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                          1. re: torontrealais

                            Yes, I went there and yes it is a pretty place with nice employees. I didn't enjoy my sandwich, because the one I chose had a very salty cheese (can't remember which one it was) and they included a huge hunk of it. So it overpowered all the other flavours in the sandwich, by a lot. My bf liked his meal better. I didn't much enjoy the tiny side salad that came with it either, too much mayo.

                            I think they also do a brunch as well.

                            1. re: torontrealais

                              Just went yesterday and am THRILLED with this restaurant. Let me explain:
                              - Brunch places are a dime a dozen in Montreal BUT,
                              - The food is often mediocre (e.g., Chez Cora's), or
                              - You'll have to wait a while and pay up (e.g., Sparrow, though totally worth it), or
                              - The service is rushed or unattentive (not necessarily brunch places, but restaurants in general)

                              Even as a young restaurant, Fromago manages to bypass all of these problems. Me and two friends had each of the brunch options (oeuf cocotte, crepes salees, sandwich de porc roti) and all loved it. To start, you can choose either the soup of the day or oatmeal. The soup was cream of green pea yesterday and it had the freshness of green peas with the depth of a good broth. Oatmeal is usually bland when eating out, but this one was generously flecked with dried cranberries, cinnamon and perhaps a bit of nutmeg. Perfectly sweetened.

                              Next was the main meal. The oeuf cocotte comes gratineed with cheese (sorry, I really don`t know my cheeses), the crepes salees was a crepe enveloping veal and cream sausages, and the sandwich was a slice of roasted pork, cheese, and sauteed zucchinis, all in cumin Berber bread. All mains are served with baked beans (good!), roasted potatoes (a little mushy, but the flavour was great), and this salsa with tomatoes, feta, and the cutest little basil leaves.

                              Coffee with free refills is included, as is dessert. Yesterday it was two thin slices of cherry coffee cake, or molasses cake.

                              I could barely eat everything, and it was only $11.25 altoghether, tax included. Here`s to hoping more people try this place and give it the love it deserves.

                              P.S. The owner mentioned yesterday that they are only open on weekends for brunch, for the time being.

                            2. Are Villa Wellington & Woodland still open? Is it still as good as it was in 2006 (when this post was started)?

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                              1. re: nelya

                                Woodland is still good to go, as of this past week, when I last had their pizza.

                                1. re: nelya

                                  I would be extreemly surprised if Woodland were to close any time soon. They are very popular. Try going to their pick up window at lunch time or dinner time and you will see what I am talking about. If you like brochettes theirs are much much better than the competition. The pizza is not bad either.

                                  1. re: nelya

                                    Villa Wellington is still open and going strong and they now have a sister restaurant, it seems, a block or so down at 4578 Wellington - Augusto al Gusto

                                  2. Has anyone been to Casa Manolo recently?

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                                    1. re: naturelle

                                      Last was end of September - still good.

                                    2. Report on Chez Sophie, today.
                                      We were the only three people in the restaurant and the server was very enthusiastic about the quality of the food. There was a great deal on the table d'hôte. For soup or salad and main dish and dessert, all for either 15$ (filet of sole), 16$ (foie de veau) or 17$ (bavette). My friend chose the bavette, and the fries were substituted with a sweet potato "soufflé", and she had by far the best meal, while I chose the filet of sole, and I think it was a baked breaded piece of frozen High Liner that was way over cooked with a mayonnaise sauce. Frankly, that was quite a disappointment. The pumpkin soup starter was tasty. The server said that bread was baked on the premises, but I somehow have my doubts, but it was fresh. The "special" dessert appeared to be nearly frozen chocolate cake, but it was in a chocolate sauce, that made it okay.
                                      The service was very attentive. I just don't think my filet of sole was fresh. But for the price, I really shouldn't be complaining.

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                                      1. re: naturelle

                                        Thanks for the review naturelle, I have always wondered about that place!

                                      2. Has anyone tried Bistro Entre Ciel et Terre at
                                        750 rue de l'Église
                                        de Verdun
                                        Verdun, Quebec H4G 2M8
                                        (514) 768-0740 ?

                                        1. I second the Lotus Bleu and Delices de l'Ile Maurice recommendations, I love them both!

                                          1000 Rue De La Gauchetiere W, Montreal, QC H3B4W5, CA

                                          1. Promenade Wellington sidewalk sale is going on right now and there are a few tables selling food. I just had a yummy bolgogi sandwich from the Korean Ladies who set up a table across the street from the Notre-Dame-Des-Sept-Douleurs(NDSD) church (Wellington@De l'Eglise).

                                            Some of the more memorable food I have eaten in the past includes merguez subs from the algerian bakery close to Mas Cuisine, fresh lemonade from Hecho en Mexico, pot stickers from one of the asian places on the west end of Wellington and the most amazing beans "feves au lard' made by a parishioner of NDSD.


                                            Mas Cuisine
                                            3779 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G, CA

                                            1. One of my favorite restaurant in Verdun these days is Tire Bouchon...its on Wellington corner Desmarais. Great french Bistro but service can be a little slow when they are packed. Menu changes every month.

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                                                I'm really surprised no one has mentioned Mas Cuisine! It's absolutely wonderful, a total hidden gem.

                                                When chef Michel Ross closed La Brunoise, much to many a foodie's dismay, he and his wife opened Mas on Wellington. It's only open for dinner mon-fri, reservations are a must because it only seats 30. It's prix-fixe, and everything is seasonal. They bake some of the best bread I've ever had, too. We absolutely adore Mas.

                                                Su is our other favorite. We go all the time for the manti dumplings, which are so addictive, so amazing... the food there is unbelievable and the service is always smart, courteous, and friendly without being familiar.