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Jul 28, 2014 03:13 PM

Alice In Wonderland Themed Eatery Opens on Gale Ave. in Industry

Well, Magic Restroom Cafe may have gone down the drain, but our Taiwanese restaurant entrepreneurs are busy with new concepts. Actually this one opened this past spring just a few blocks away from Magic Restroom so I'm surprised Lin's Wonderland hasn't hit the radar yet. Lin's Wonderland is another one of your boba/tea/snacky places, except it has pastel colored booths and ceiling decorations, and dishes such as "Basket of Mr. Rabbit", "Cheshire Cat's Smile" and "Alice's Morning Light." Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that Lin's Wonderland replaced a Starbucks Coffee location. Kind of tells you about the demographics of the area. Lin's Wonderland is at 18248 Gale Ave.

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  1. So is it essentially a Strawbucks with the additions of Taiwanese snacks a la SinBaLa ??????

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      Well, they do have Taiwanese snacks, but the greater portion of the menu is sandwiches and salads.

    2. "Curiouser and curiouser!"