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Jul 28, 2014 01:46 PM

World Market - black carbon steel wok

I just bought this wok, it is black, the only directions are to wash with warm soapy water. Is this wok coated in some type of lacquer, like the sliver stainless steel woks? Has anyone else bought a wok from world market & how did you clean, season or whatever? Help!

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  1. It must be the nonstick wok. They have four, and that's the only one that's black. Should be no seasoning required.

    1. Hi Rymes -

      From the world Market advertisement:

      " Professional quality cast aluminum wok with non-stick coating eliminates the need for curing."

      Meaning I believe it is a non-stick wok coating, which you do not remove, and therefore you do not need to season the wok as you would carbon steel. Removing the coating would ruin the wok.

      PS: Stainless steel woks are not coated, and do not need to be seasoned either.

      Good price too.

      1. I agree with others. You probably have a nonstick Teflon wok.

        1. If it's carbon steel then you need to wash with warm soapy water then season. If it's coated aluminum then just wash and use.

          1. The original comment has been removed