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Jul 28, 2014 01:26 PM

Ultra-fresh scallops...sear, or specialize?

I bit the hook on a pound of the scallops that will be a special order next week, for an additional $23 on top of the CSF membership. I do not grill and do not want ceviche or other raw dishes.

At first I was looking for a special recipe but upon reflection, think these fresh-caught scallops will be best just seared in a cast iron pan, in either butter or bacon grease (maybe both). Opinions or other suggestions?

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  1. my favorite prep is to season with s&p anf sear in butter, then set aside lightly covered. in the same pan with more butter saute thinly sliced leeks, deglaze with white vermouth or wine and a little cream until meltingly soft. you can add a squeeze of lemon or not. serve the scallops in a pool of the sauce.

    1. Yep, I sear in a cast iron pan. Or on a cast iron grille pan.

      Keep an eye on them and do not overcook.

      If going hot I use combo of butter and veggie oil to keep smoke point high.

      Make sure everything else is ready to go for dinner before you toss the scallops on. <thumbsup>
      And if unbrined, season them liberally.

      1. Love them seared, but butter-poached can be heavenly.

        1. Maybe just a sage butter with a bit of salt and small amount fresh green pepper. You can clarify the butter to prevent scorching. I like to infuse the sage in the butter over lower heat, remove the leaves, and then crank it up to really carmelize the scallops (w/o overcooking the babies). I'm jealous. I've been passing on scallops lately owing to price.

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            I hear you! A lobster dinner is the typical August birthday splurchase but when the scallopportunity arose, I switched plans.

          2. Steamed fresh scallops are quite nice,

            - fresh scallops in half shells (shells optional for presentation only)
            - ginger - fine julienne
            - chillies - fine julienne
            - scallions/green onion - julienne, the pale green or white part only
            - cilantro
            - fried garlic in oil - finely chopped garlic slow fried in peanut oil to get a toasted garlic infused oil
            - soy sauce - the chinese one not the japanese one
            - msg - optional
            - sugar
            - fish sauce
            - lime zest
            - lime juice
            - chinese cooking wine, white wine, or sake is suitable too

            Make sauce
            - mix soy sauce, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, msg and reserve 10%
            - add wine, lime zest to the sauce

            Cooking scallops
            - Dip scallops into reserved sauce mix
            - Place scallops on half shell/ plate lined with julienne ginger
            - Steam scallops in a steamer or cook in oven with foil wrapped baking sheet (about 2-3 minutes)

            - While waiting for the scallops to be cooked, bring the sauce with wine to boil

            - To serve, top scallops with scallions,cilantro,julienne chillies and dress it with the heated sauce and fried garlic oil