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Jul 28, 2014 01:01 PM

Charlottesville restaurant scene is booming

In perusing the mid-Atlantic board I've noticed a fair number of "Charlottesville had little to offer" or "the pickings were slim last time I was in Charlottesville" comments in response to people looking for places to eat in town. I know this to be untrue. I'm going to start with a few places but please, C-ville knowing folks....we have a real array of excellent places to chow across a lot of price points, styles and types of food. (I'm definitely asserting all of the places I mention as chow-worthy at least).

The Alley Light
The Whiskey Jar
Public Fish and Oyster
The Blue Moon Diner
The Livery Stable
JM Stock Provisions and Supply
Ivy Provisions (I guess Provisions is a thing now)

And so on. Please add to the list! As I have time, I'll come back and flesh out more detail about these places, but a google search of any with "Charlottesville" will you get you where you need to be in the first hit, I believe.

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  1. Good idea! We like:
    The Local

    Peter Chang's China Grill (warning, the food here can be very spicy--we love spicy foods and the two chilis, out of three, is about all we can handle)

    Brookville in mall, get the pig head--it's all the meat pressed into a terrine slice.

    New is Zinburger--great burgers, freshly ground. They tend to undercook, eg. medium rare comes out dripping but delicious. French fries are worth getting but the shakes are a little too sweet for me.

    1. My husband and I are traveling to Charlottesville for our wedding anniversary weekend. We're going to the UVA game on Saturday night, but we will probably have our "nice" dinner on Friday night. What would be your top go-to's for a great anniversary worthy meal?

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        For a full on special event meal I'd think about The Ivy Inn. The food is impeccable and delicious and the atmosphere lovely.

      2. We had a great dinner at Public Fish and Oyster. Duners is always a classic, but I think still pretty good. I had a great double cut pork chop at Hamilton's.

        If you are going to Barboursville winery or surrounds- a new good place to stop for lunch up there is Stonefire Kitchen. They had great sandwiches on homemade bread with really creative homemade ingredients. They had soups and salads too.