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Jul 28, 2014 12:46 PM

What if I want to have a Discussion about a Question (which requires Answers) about a Photo, that includes a Link or two??

Since I was already chastised for asking a question in a Q&A thread, I've decided to start this thread to seek some clarification.

Hypothetically let's say I want to start a thread about a question such as;

How do you prefer your steaks;
Cooked and served with natural juices preserved and perhaps with a touch of butter, like the first photo. (courtesy Peter Luger)


Served completely dry, as if they were patted with a towel to remove any potential juice from dripping out, like the second photo. (courtesy random Google Search)

For those of you not familiar here is a link to Peter Luger's site which will tell you more about my personal favorite preparation.


So as you see, I've started a discussion, about a question which will require answer, about photo's I've provided, along with a link! What should this type of thread be characterized as? I think we should be able to cross our selections, like this would be a Discussion/Q&A/Photo/Link thread. All bases covered!

    Image Title (Optional)
    Caption (Optional)
    Image Credit (Optional)
    Copy to all
    Image Title (Optional)
    Caption (Optional)
    Image Credit (Optional)
    Copy to all
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  1. This is something a few have touched on in their comments and we'll be thinking about as we continue to improve the posting options.

    In your example, it sounds like you'd want a poll where you control the two options for users to answer, but also discuss in more detail. We've also started to discuss what features, like linking, would be nice to have in a reply as well.

    Thanks for the great feedback!

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    1. re: patsully

      Ok so in your answer you say it should be a Q&A (that's where poll threads are suppose to go, correct?). Now if I were to start this thread as a Discussion are Mod's going to reclassify threads that are started under an inaccurate discussion forum?

      1. re: jrvedivici

        Wouldn't it be more what you, the OP, prefers? If you want Yes/No responses - choose the Q&A (although you'll still get additional posts, I'm sure).

        If you want the chance to talk about nuances as to how you like your steak, choose Discussions. Up to 10 pictures can still be included in the Discussion format, as can Links.

        1. re: jrvedivici

          Apologies for the confusion. I was starting to brainstorm what a new feature, a poll embedded in a discussion, might look like.

          Currently, you can decide whether to use the Discussion format to benefit from threaded replies, or the Q&A format to ask others to vote for the best answers provided. We don't want to force the OP into a format, but hope that those replying will respect their choice.

          1. re: patsully

            "a poll embedded in a discussion"

            I like the sound of that. Polling seems to be one use for Q & A that 'hounds feel comfortable with. However, there have gotta be better polling add-ins than that format. If folks want polls, then let's have a real polling function.

        2. re: patsully

          You are creating complication and confusion.