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Jul 28, 2014 12:19 PM

Looking for restaurant recommendations…visiting from Bay Area for 3 days

We prefer casual and fun to formal, but would like to have innovative good meals.
Trying to get a reservation at Farmer's Apprentice, but it is difficult.
Would like suggestions for dinner and breakfast or lunch. Lunch might be in Stanley Park.

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  1. If you are thinking lunch in Stanley Park, may I suggest you hit up Oyama on Granville Island or elsewhere first and lay in a nice supply of cured meats, cheese, olives and a baguette? The food options in the park are pretty sad, and overpriced too. It's too far to go to leave the park so a picnic is a great option.

    If Farmer's Apprentice can't fit you in, consider Burdock and Co or L'abbatoir but call soon for them as well. I like lunch at FA and it is first come, first served.

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      Or maybe pick up some picnicky items at the Robson Public Market, or the Whole Foods across the street.

      Or if eating in a resto, there's Lift Bar & Grill:

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        Thanks for the tips! L'abbatoir looks terrific.
        Do you know if FA is first come, first served for brunch as well as lunch?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. FA is first come first serve for lunch and brunch. You can generally get a seat if you are there before opening or towards the end of service (2pm). Sundays are busier for brunch, Thursdays and Fridays for lunch.

          Space is left for walk-ins at dinner, usually not too much of a wait and there's lots to explore in the area if you are put on the wait list.

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          1. re: superhunk

            Thanks for the helpful info.!
            Do you think it is worth trying for a walk in at FA for Saturday dinner and if so what time should we get there? Only time available online was 9:45 and that really is too late.

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              Thanks! That's very helpful! Do you think they leave space for walk-ins even on Saturday?

              1. re: lisaleft

                They keep the patio and bar for walkins every night except Sunday when they do their supper series.

                1. re: grayelf

                  Just the news I wanted to hear. All of you on the board have been so helpful!
                  Any fans of L'Abattoir or Homer Street Cafe?

                  1. re: lisaleft

                    Homer Street Cafe is a decent restaurant disguised in beautiful decor. The restaurant itself is quite beautiful; while the food is good, it is nothing worth going out of your way for.

                    L'Abattoir is designed nicely in the modern style, well informed and friendly servers, good to great food plated beautifully. The back area is very nice, I would recommend asking to be seated there if possible. It used to be my favourite restaurant in Vancouver but I haven't been there for over two years.

                    I would recommend searching the forum - there are many posts (recent and old) where people have asked the same questions as you.

                    1. re: quddous

                      Agree with quddous re Homer Street Café. You can also get a bit smoked out if you are sitting in the area by the rotisserie.

                      I recommended L'abbatoir in the first reply above :-). Going there tomorrow night, as it happens. I tend to enjoy their appetizers more than their mains (though the duck is lovely), and I crave the trout salad. The atrium is quieter and more open (but watch your step going in and out of it), the main area more of a "scene." Nice cocktails too. They don't seem to be changing up the menu much these days which is good and bad, I suppose.

            2. Just went from Bay Area last weekend - here's my trip report!