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Jul 28, 2014 11:40 AM

reservations for Sushi Saito in September

hi, I have asked my hotel concierge to see if they can make a reservation for me in mid September for dinner at Sushi Saito. I'm not sure if it's too late but if I can't get in, which is the next place I should try to get in to? Also what is the cost per person for dinner at Saito without drinks? Is there a range or 1 set omakase? thank you in advance.

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  1. Whenever I can't get into Saito, Gonpachi is usually a good fallback.

    1. I have asked a concierge for a reservation in September as well, and mine told me they will start taking the reservation one month in advance.

      Last time I tried to make a reservation at a michelin starred sushiya, Jiro in Roppongi (the one that runs by the son, not the father) was relatively easy.

      Also, it's a bit of travel from the centre, Hatsunezushi is a good experience, as well.

      oops, just realized this posting is from a year ago...sorry!

      1. Saito is near impossible to get into nowadays without referral or having been there before. Most hotel concierge and AMEX concierges will not be able to get you in but if they do please let me know which one you use :)

        Alternatives (around same level): Sushi Yoshitake, Mizutani and Sawada. Also include Jiro but jury is always out on that one. Others to try would be Sushi-Ya (I think the chef used to work at Saito), Taku and Miyako.

        Look at Tabelog (or search for a Tabelog Top 50 in English) and it will have a list of the top sushi places. Some with or without michelin stars.

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        1. re: moomoocow

          I've tried getting a reservation at Saito Sept 2014 and April 2015. no luck. I've just been going to Yoshitake.

          1. re: beardedmeerkat

            I would suggest that the inability to get a reservation at Saito is less reflective of a position as "best sushi" and more reflective of notoriety in foreign publications and discussion. While no doubt of excellent quality, there are several restaurants of similar quality which for whatever reason do not have the same foreign notoriety that are easily booked by hotel concierges.

            1. re: tigerjohn

              Well, could you recommend some other sushi-yas with similar quality that are easily bookable? Would be very helpful.


        2. AMEX concierge had no trouble getting me a spot in Sushi-Ya for next week. I will happily report back after my son and I eat there.

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          1. re: davidgrahammd

            Will try Sushi-Ya if I can't get a reservation at Saito... :(

            1. re: jhyjhy

              I found Sushi-Ya to be a very interesting place. It started as more reserved than Harutaka but did loosen up as the night went on. Some of the pieces were a bit different than the usual progression. Lightly grilled tuna cheek, sea bream wrapped around small green onion shoots, clam in broth, etc. Overall, very good but maybe not the pinnacle that some look for.

              1. re: davidgrahammd

                I couldn't get a table to Saito so I have booked Sushi-Ya, Luxeat rate it as one of her top 5 sushi eats in Tokyo, so I hope it's worth eat, also got a table at Kondo.

                1. re: gastrocar

                  When are you going to Kondo, and when did you make a reservation??

                  I just asked a concierge about 15 minutes ago to help me with a reservation at Kondo, hope I get it :(

                  1. re: jhyjhy

                    they made all my reservations yesterday, going at the end of August.
                    Didn't get lucky at Den & Saito.

                    1. re: gastrocar

                      I asked for a reservation at Jiro.

                      Would love to try Saito, but since I'm inviting people for a meal, I can't risk losing all the reservations.

                      I can't wait to try Kondo!