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Jul 28, 2014 11:29 AM

Dim Sum Wedding Brunch recc

I'm helping my friend plan her post-wedding brunch on a Sunday. The lovely couple are big fans of dim sum so i'm thinking that could be a good option.

Does anyone have any experience with a Manhattan Dim Sum spot? Size would be between 60-100 people. Would love to find a festive, but reasonably-priced place for them!


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  1. I would call Golden Unicorn or Jing Fong. They both can host large groups and do so regularly, and are very reasonably priced with good food. I've attended parties at both, and they're pretty comparable food-wise.

    1. Ditto on Jing Fong. If it were me though and if possible, I would try to bring a Chinese (Cantonese speaking) friend along to help with the planning discussion and negotiations.

      1. I second Golden Unicorn. They have 2 floors so can accommodate big party.
        88 Palace is my second choice. I've never seen big parties at either during the day but I am sure they can both do it. I am no fan of Jing Fong

        1. Just checking: Flushing is not possible?

          1. I'll just opine to say that you should shore up your numbers and time you would like to have this event. If you expect to arrive after Noon, good luck. If the guests are looking to sleep in with a late checkout, you'll run into more than a few problems with reservations and selection of items. I would recommend you are ALL seated before make sure you can make that happen...otherwise you will be disappointed.