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Jul 28, 2014 11:22 AM

Any recent experiences at Bob's Noodle 66 (Taiwanese)?

I have not eaten at the Bob's Noodle 66 (not the Shanghai version) in Rockville since they reopened/relocated. I stopped in once for takeout taiwanese hamburgers which were still very, very good. This used to be a primo Chowhound find and the site of many a successful group meal.

Any recent experiences - or at least since the move?

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  1. I went once, right after they (re?) opened in that space. It was fine, but wasn't as good as their best days. Still, it was right after they had re-opened, so I suppose I'm due for another visit.

    So, Steve, any time you want to coordinate...

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      Yeah, I think this could be my next one. Got to get you Maryland folks more active.

    2. It's not as good anymore but maybe they were off since it was lunch time (I went a couple months ago). My mom told me the chef moved to Taipei Cafe next to the Great Wall grocery store so that may have something to do with it.

      1. It's been a while since they have moved. We noticed the quality of food is slightly better, but I think subjectively, the sanitation factor definitely a lot better. I used to have *problems after eating at the old Bob's but not a problem in the new one. we go probably weekly. We also checked out Taipei Café and it was good when it opened, except the *problems went over there likely with the chef. Taipei Café have cleaned up a bit, but the food went downhill after about a month.

        So overall, I would say that Bob's 66 is still our favorite. They have a whole bunch of new dishes, including lobsters and all which wasn't available. You need to go at busy times when the main chef is there. Dishes could be a bit spotty at off hours. Recently they did this Groupon thing while raising their prices by a lot on some dishes, hope it's only temporary for Groupon or we will be going there less.

        1. Ten Chowhounds got together for lunch yesterday to revisit this classic Chow spot.

          We ordered:

          Crispy Stinky tofu
          Duck tongues with chives
          Short ribs in black pepper sauce
          Fish rolls
          Noodles with minced pork
          Oyster pancake (omelette?)
          Clams with basil
          Sanbei (three cup) mushrooms
          Crispy intestines
          Taiwanese hamburgers
          Taiwanese stir fried lamb
          Rice sausage

          Our success was mixed. I think it's not as easy as it used to be to craft an outstanding meal.

          On the downside the Taiwanese hamburgers are much too sugary. This is the only dish I tried previously after they moved, and I do not recall the assertive sweetness from then or on previous trips. The fish rolls (wrapped in bean curd skin) were tasteless. I found the noodles with minced pork simply salty. The rice sausage (the rice is in the sausage) was an excuse to use up a lot of glutinous rice, and the lamb was drowned out by its sauce.

          There were some positives, though. Some of the off-putting dishes were well done. The stinky tofu no longer smells of garbage but still has an unmistakeable tang. The intestines did not have their funk, so this comes out like really good roasted pig skin. Bob can still produce some kickin' sauces, like with the clams and the short ribs. There is a setion of the menu devoted to sanbei (three cup) dishes, and the king oyster mushrooms were rich and delicious. When I go back, I will definitely focus on this part of the menu. Plus I will explore the 'night market' dishes a little more.

          We missed ordering the fish in bean sauce (arrrgh), which was stellar from previous trips, so that is another possibility.