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Jul 28, 2014 11:16 AM

Frog legs

Were can I eat frog legs around Boston?

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  1. You should post this on the Boston Board.
    I flagged it and asked the Moderators to move it.
    Chinatown Restaurants should have it on the Menu

    1. Chinese restaurants will serve all of the frog, not just the legs, if that makes a difference to you. I had them once at Russell House Tavern, and they were quite good. Not sure if they are always on the menu.

      1. Oh boy, would i love to tell you ten non- Asian restaurants that have frogs' legs, because I love them, but i have not seen frogs legs on a non Asian menu in about 35 years. What is it, I wonder. We have our share of 'classic French bistros'here, proudly serving Skate w/ capers and Beurre Noir, Vichyssoise, Chocolate Mousse; what happened to frogs legs? Way back when, I bought boxes of them from Pakistan; maybe political turmoil closed that source? or maybe they just went the way of the hula hoop......

        1. They're on the menu at Hungry I.

          1. muqueca in cambridge has a nice appetizer of fried frog legs