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Jul 28, 2014 11:09 AM

Dinner en route from Logan to Maine

My family and I will be arriving at Logan airport this Thursday, renting car and driving to Portland, ME. We are interested in cheap/moderate yet excellent dinner fare. Give logistics, will likely not get too far from Logan before dinner time (hence post here rather than S. New England board).

We have previously done the North End/Modern Bakery run from Logan, which was fun, but now have two small kids and would want something more convenient from Logan and on course to Maine. This also rules out high-end or 21-plus options.

That said, we eat broadly and enthusiastically. Have noted this post that refers to "Eastie" generally,
Also saw a Peruvian mentioned in several posts, Rincon Limeño, which seems interesting; still good? Portuguese, Brasilian, unique food trucks and seafood shacks are also appealing. We are coming from SEA and would probably not choose Asian, Mexican or Central American cuisines.

Any specific recommendations?

Thanks very much.

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  1. Though I haven't been there, Rino's Place is very high on my list of places to try - Italian food, also in East Boston. Another fun spot is KO Pies, which is Australian meat pies and such. Delicious!

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      I've been there...a few times. It's excellent! Beware though, often, there is a line to get in. They don't take reservations but have a second place across the street for drinks and apps while you wait for a table. You could always drive by and if there's a long wait have a Plan B restaurant in mind.

    2. Rincon Limeño is still excellent and quite family-friendly. Oliveira's, also in East Boston, is another good option, a Brazilian churrascaria with both rodizio and weigh-your-plate options. KO Pies at the Shipyard is a fun possibility, an Australian and American place set in an actual working shipyard in Eastie with pleasant outdoor seating.

      1. In Eastie which is on your way north to rte 95, Rincon Limeno is a great Peruvian place, Rino's for Italian, Jalisco Taqueria and Spinelli's Italian Bakery.

        1. I would recommend Rino's Place if you have young children unless they and you are very patient because the waits can be very long. I would suggest Belle Isle seafood in East Boston/Winthrop. It is a very casual New England seafood place which many people say has the best Lobster Roll in Boston. They also serve very good friend seafood like Haddock, Cod, Calamari, scallops etc. You order at a counter an they give you a buzzer shaped like a lobster that lets you know when your order is ready. This might be a good place with children and it is about 10 minutes from Logan.

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              Thanks all for your input. We went to Belle Isle and enjoyed a massive, well-prepared seafood combo, with additional lobster meat, plus a couple of crab cakes. I especially liked the haddock, which is hard to get on the West Coast. Only wish they had better beer selection, which was limited to Sam Adams/macrobrews. Cool spot with a unique view of Boston (and the airport flight path).

          1. Sounds like you have an excellent seafood option now, but if, for whatever reason, you decide to 'get the hell outa Dodge',
            I have two peaceful options in mind. Newburyport is ~ 45-50 min from the airport and there is a lovely outdoor deck on the river,w/ good food (seafood plus )- The Deck at the Marina in Salisbury (the north side of the Newburyport bridge.)Eclectic menu- casual to more up scale.It's a very quick 7 min. detour off rt.95. here's a CH review:


            Also, a funky retro kid-friendly place in Portsmouth NH, also just off 95- called The Friendly Toast. Very eclectic menu of casual food.Maybe ~ 60-75 min from the airport.


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              I've seen you recommend Friendly Toast in Portsmouth in a couple of recent threads. Is the Portsmouth location any better than the Cambridge location? (I may be wrong, but I think they're now under separate ownership.) Although it may please the kids, I think the Cambridge location is only so-so for the adults.

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                They're pretty similar in my experience - the Portsmouth location somehow feels more "authentic" in my mind, in part because it's been around for years longer, in part because the waitstaff is much less Friendly. But the omelets and breads are seriously good if that's what you're looking for - I'd put the Greek scramble and the New Hampshire's Finest up against just about any other late-night breakfast you could offer.

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                  I don't go often, but i really had some 'lazy, rude' waiter issues in Camb., so stopped going. A few yrs ago, I read on CH that it was for sale but I have no idea who owns the 2 locations.The one in NH is bigger, light and airy, instead of dark. Have been 2-3 x; always just for sandwiches.When we're in portsmouth, we tend to go up for a film or concert at the Music Hall, and dinner at Black Trumpet. Love that town, so beautiful. (And it has alot of personal memories for me. I was a young Historic Preservationist during the time that Ron Fleming and co. led the Save Portsmouth efforts that created what one sees there today.)

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                    Interesting - I've never had anything but good service in Cambridge. A couple of years ago at the Portsmouth location, four friends and I all ordered smoothies (along with eggs etc.) and the waiter, before leaving the table, audibly harrumphed and said "You know, it's gonna take me, like, forever to make all these smoothies." Which was funny even then and, as I still laugh about it two years later, is clearly part of the charm.

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                      ha! that's hysterical.experiences like that make for great interjections throughout life.