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chinese roast pork sandwich-new york deli style. help my dad please.

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hello all, my dad keeps reminiscing about the Chinese roast pork sandwich he used to eat in the lower east sid eof new York around various diners. I am looking for someone that really knows this sandwich as far as a recipie and the proper bread,garlic and pork. also if you know of a great place serving this sandwich.thanx all.

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  1. Diners on the les?? Or little cafes and bakery shops in chinatown...?
    Serious eats has a chinese roast pork recipe that could be a good starting point

    1. Similar thread way back when with little results.

      Realistically, the diners in the outer boroughs, NJ, and LI suburbs might be your best bet.

      1. This write-up in eGullet by Arthur Schwartz explains the origin and spread of the sandwich, mentions likely sources (although several years out-of-date) and, most importantly, provides a recipe!


        I'm glad you resurrected this query, as I've been interested in it since it last came up here a few months back.

        1. Is it possible he means a banh mi?

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            I'm sure he doesn't mean banh mi. The sandwich he is looking for was a staple of diners and delis all over Brooklyn when I was growing up. I know it is still available at Bassett's, 1404 Avenue X in Brooklyn.

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              I;ve never seen it in a deli, but it was as you say "a staple" in most diners in Brooklyn. I have never seen it in Manhattan, but I'm sure it existed. It is still available in Brooklyn diners. There's one on Flatlands Ave. near Ralph ( used to be Herbie International), Lindenwood Diner used to have it. I doubt if you can find it in Manhattan, except somewhere like Shopsin's could surprise with it, or if there is anything like Big Nick's still around in Manhattan.
              The sandwich was the very red colored on the edges of the pork , on garlic hero bread and it had duck sauce on it.

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                I had one once about 30 years ago, but never again.

                At least 2 Brooklyn delis carried it: Bassett's and Adelman's. I'm sure there were more as I'm just speaking from personal experience in my old neighborhood.

                Good call on Shopsin's. I'll bet they would do a nice job with it.

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                  lt was one of my favorite dishes in the diners l went to, growing up on LI.

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                    This sandwich was once a staple at the non-kosher Jewish style delis and diners in the area. My dad used to order it all the time. Can't say I've seen it around much lately.

            2. From a previous thread (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/2405... )... Still outer borough, but Court Street Grocers continues to make a fancified version of what I assume the OP is asking for:

              Macho Man or Woman, $10.10 - Pork Shoulder, Cabot Cheddar, Coleslaw, Pickled Peppers, CSG Duck Sauce, on Garlic Bread

              The one that I had about a year ago was delicious.