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Jul 28, 2014 10:06 AM

New iPad issue

Since the new update, a new issue has popped up. If I'm reading a thread, my iPad will switch from safari browser mode to the App Store. It seems that whatever app is on the page will trigger the switch. The two game apps (so far) are Galaxy Empire and some sort of Sims game.

Note: I did not touch the ad with my finger. In fact, while typing, a pop up window asked if I wanted to open something in the App Store.

This started today.

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  1. Same thing happening to me and it also started today. Very irritating

    1. Oh, I am *so* glad you posted this! I've been experiencing this for past hour or so, and it's been driving me crazy!

      In fact, I was just testing to see what would trigger it when I came upon your post. I keep seeing the App Store open to Pearl's Peril, which I do *not* see evidence of anywhere on the site. Galaxy Empire has been displayed as the banner ad at the top of the page throughout. That is the only commonality I can see.
      Correction: the banner ad just changed to T-mobile, and it is still happening; in fact it happened while I was using iPad's speech to text to type this.

      The App Store took over as I began typing this post. I still don't know what is causing it; finger gestures, tapping, scrolling, Saving a Post, all seem to trigger this behavior. For the record, I am not experiencing it on other websites.

      Other behavior: on occasion, instead of actually going to the app store I'll see a prompt box that will ask me if I want to open this page in the App Store, with a Cancel or Open choice.
      To TBTB: Upon doing a little research, it appears that some recent ad has scripting code forcing this obnoxious behavior. Please find it and kill it. Show the advertiser (Wooga Games) the door, too. Bastards.

      IPad mini/Safari/iOS 7.1.2

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      1. re: mcsheridan

        Another report of same problem on iPad. Yikes. Problem is exclusive to Chowhound.

        1. re: mcsheridan

          I get Pearl's Peril as well. It doesn't happen on any other web site!

          1. re: mcsheridan

            Me too! Same as pictured above. Am using a new IPad Air, so glad to know this is not a device issue. I am also getting a frequent pop up asking something about do I want to coach soccer. Very irritating.

            1. re: Pwmfan

              Well, *do* you want to coach soccer? (We have to get our chuckles where we can.)


              Now that you reminded me, I believe there was some other pop-up I was getting related to this and it was an ad-generated pop-up, but I'll have to wait and see if it recurs.

              1. re: Pwmfan

                I've been getting a pop-up intermittently when using CH on Ipad. I'll report more detail next time it happens.

              2. re: mcsheridan

                I actually let the App Store open. Mine opened to either the pearl game or the sims game. I made an incorrect assumption about the galaxy game being the culprit. I've been seeing the galaxy game in the banner header as well as on the right side of the page. I've also had the same pop up question depicted in the second page.

                This is really annoying behavior and happens on every CH link I open.

                A response from the powers that be would be most appreciated.

                Ps. While typing this response, it brought me to the pearl game and a few minutes later, the pop up window appeared. That is two different interruptions in one typed response.

                1. re: mcsheridan

                  Could you grab a screenshot of the ad visible on the page when this happens? It would be much appreciated.

                  1. re: patsully

                    Just happened again; three screenshots attached. However, once again there is no evidence of Pearl's Peril anywhere. And It just happened again as I was typing this!

                    Different game @ the App Store now.

                    And again, trying to serve up the NYT app.

                    1. re: mcsheridan

                      Thanks! So in each of the first three screenshots you were directed to the App Store?

                      1. re: patsully

                        I was directed twice to the App Store (there it goes again) while those three screenshots made up my Chowhound environment. (No way for me to capture the whole iPad screen in one image.)

                      2. re: mcsheridan

                        Thanks McSheridan, for grabbing all the screen shots.

                    1. Just checked; turning off JavaScript will indeed stop the obnoxious behavior. However, it also makes Chowhound unusable, so that is no solution.

                      1. Only on the iPad, this does not happen on the desktop.
                        Enough with Pearl!
                        CH is getting to be a royal PITA with the changes

                        Later - not only are pearl/sims appearing frequently, i get knocked offline and must reregister.

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                        1. re: Sherri

                          Thanks Sherri, this is completely unrelated to our new features and we hope to have it resolved very soon. Thanks for your patience.