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Jul 28, 2014 09:13 AM

Avocado on Sandwiches: Mash or Slice?

So, I'm a big fan of Avocado & Turkey sandwiches. I slice the avocado up, add some mayo, some tomato, some turkey, and a good bit of provolone cheese. I'm wondering if it'd be wiser to just mash the avocado up into sort of like a guacamole mash, then spread it on the bread, or would that totally ruin the texture? If you slice it, you'll usually get a few pieces that just fly out of the sandwich, but I'm not sure how the texture would turn out.

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  1. r

    Slice, unless it's way overripe. If so, toss and get a new avocado.

  2. s

    I'm a masher on sandwiches. But I like to mash it with large chunks intact! Like a really chunky spread.

  3. If the avocado is anything other than perfect (to hard/too soft) mash and spread works great and helps - if it is perfect I like to experience it in slices

  4. I'm a slicer. I don't even eat guacamole mashed, I cube it for that.

  5. I mash, for the same reason, I don't like when they slip out the sides! I like the combination of textures, and I only mash just enough, not completely pulverized.


    Since you also have tomato and mayo in there slices will likely always slide out.... Try slicing and the avocado and Just lightly mash onto the bread so it sticks before adding the other ingredients


    A perfectly ripe avocado has great texture along with taste. I think to mash it ruins a lot of that texture. Slices allow it to work with the sandwich to include that influence, which makes a big difference to me. Slices all the way!


    I like doing what they do south of the border with their tortas and cemitas.
    Typically the aguacate is sliced. Refried beans and guacamole -- they
    are both enough of a mushy mess.


    I love avocado so much,

    I put unsliced/mashed halves in my sandwich!


    It depends if I'm using it as a condiment replacement or not. If I'm using it in the place of mustard or something then I'll mince it up in the skin and then scoop it out and mash it on the bread. If I'm just adding it as an extra ingredient then I'll slice it.



    Good question!
    I would mash the avocado and omit the mayonnaise. It would enhance the texture, and save mayonnaise calories. To my avocado spread, I would mash a garlic and use a little of lime juice, not too much because of the provolone cheese. Afterwards, I would serve sandwich with Cilantro (an herb) on the side!


    Good Luck!


    If I want it to be pretty then I slice it. Most of the time it just gets mashed and spread on the bread.


    Sliced, definitely. If it's mashed it tends to squirt all over when you take a bite.

    I'm feeling nostalgic about 70s food at the moment: back then when I first moved to California a big thing was vegetarian avocado and cream cheese sandwiches on whole-grain bread. The texture of the sliced avocados contrasted nicely with the other ingredients: mashed wouldn't have been the same.


    I'm a slicer. Sounds almost like my favorite sandwich, except that I add bacon and use cheddar instead of provolone. Very, very light mayo, and the bread is good quality white sandwich bread (or sourdough), lightly toasted.