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Jul 28, 2014 09:07 AM

Trenton Thunder Game-restaurants

Going to a Trenton Thunder game tomorrow. Don't know the area at all. Any restaurant suggestions? Great pizza would do.

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  1. Paulies is a nice place, eat outside also if you like,...
    close by the stadium..

    Sal DeForte's good Italian food

    Revere Ristorante is close by on Rt29 also.

    1. for classic Trenton tomato pies, here's recent info:

      note if you're considering stopping at De Lorenzo's in Robbinsville on your way in, you'll most likely encounter a wait to dine in. Take out is available.

      Fitch's Place in the stadium (on the 3rd base side) is good for a pulled pork sandwich. They also serve wood fired pizza's but we haven't tried.

      1. Whatever you do, do not eat at Cracker Barrel on Rt. 130, it was awful. I don't see what attracts people back to this place. We went last summer before a game and never went back.

        1. JUST across the Route 1 bridge in Morrisville is LaVilla, they have great pizza.

          1. Lots of great restaurants in Yardley, PA, 6 miles away. Search the Philadelphia board for recent suggestions.

            Francisco's On The River serves excellent Italian food, particularly seafood. It's a bit on the pricey side, however...expect to spend $40 or more per person. It is located in Washington's Crossing, PA, 10 miles away.