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Jul 28, 2014 09:06 AM

Downtown Indy Date night

I am surprising my future husband for a date weekend in Indy. We are staying downtown and I am looking for a restaurant to go to dinner within walking/easy cab ride distance. We are late 20's, early 30's and are appreciate good, unique food!! We love trying new things, new trendy places. Either romantic/trndy/live music/ where's the "must-go" place to eat??
Thank you!

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  1. Its a cab ride/drive but Bluebeard meets your description. Libertine is downtown and more trend coctail bar with excellent food. Another short drive to Mass Ave and you have Black Market, R Bistro and, I think, Pizzology is open now, too. There are a number of fun places on Mass Ave. Ball & Bisquit is a great bar with small plates. Mesh can be good, too.

    1. Agree with Hoosier Foodie- Go to Mass Ave. Mesh, R Bistro, Black Market, Pizzology, Union 50 (new and getting great reviews), lots of other bars and pubs and just a fun area to be in for the young professional (not college) crowd.