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Jul 28, 2014 07:07 AM

Possibilities in NY (Lunch, Dinner and/or Show)

So I will be in the city only on Friday of this week. Currently, I have a dinner reservation for myself and wife at Babbo. However, I am intrigued by the lunch special at Bouley. The downside is I don't want to bring a jacket that I would have to wear/carry all day. Additionally, we want to try and fit in a show. So here are my question(s)...

Should I make a lunch reservation for one of the places that does a good fixed price lunch like Del Posto (which we've done before) and then do a nice dinner at a different locale than Babbo? Would the pacing at Babbo be too slow to have an early dinner there and then subway to Time's Square? Is Babbo as headache inducingly loud as people claim or has that changed? I guess what I'm really wondering is if Babbo is still a solid choice or should I try for something else at dinner that is more conducive to going to the theater and then do a nice lunch.

The only no-no's are Indian and anything spicy.

Additionally, we will be eating at Brasserie 8 1/2 for a celebration so French may be off the table too.

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  1. I've never eaten at any of these places [just a little too rich for my wallet!], so I've focused primarily on the logistics of eating well and seeing a show, as well as on managing to eat ALL THAT FOOD!

    My vote: lunch at Del Posto - this season's offerings look lovely. And then, find a place that does a decent pre-theater offering - Zagat's published what they considered the best pre-theater dinners -

    and so has Serious Eats...

    Personally, I'd rather go to the theater than have a major dining experience. But that's just me. I'm sure that no matter what you decide, you and your wife will have a great time. And will DEFINITELY be well fed!

    1. Babbo on the 2nd floor isn't loud, but I personally wouldn't do Del Posto or Babbo if you're going to a show. For me, they would be too far from Times Square to enjoy dinner without feeling stressed about traffic or subway issues. I typically choose restaurants that are walking distance from the theater.

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        Well Del Posto would be for their lunch not for dinner but that was just an example.

      2. What time is your res at babbo? Its a solid choice and at this point a res somewhere else for fri pm could be difficult....
        I think you have to sort out theater tix first- if you see a show then do lunch at bouley and borrow a jacket, or another pre fixe lunch and maybe you can push babbo out to after the theater so you don't feel rushed....
        It all depends on the timing of your show

        1. I would do a late lunch at Bouley - it's really lovely but takes at least two hours, and you leave completely stuffed - then the theatre and maybe try to fit Babbo in after the show.

          1. Right now we don't have tickets but if we did and it were an evening show, the show would be at 8pm. We would probably go via TKTS. Right now I believe Esca and Becco are still open for dinner and in the theater area.

            Most of the lunch places like Tocqueville are still available.. I think Bouley had an 11:45 spot. I didn't realize before my previous post that they had some rental jackets on hand.

            Lastly, my current res at Babbo is 5:30 We may not even do a show. My wife told me last night she thought The Intrepid or Cloisters might be nice. I don't know about either of those except that The Cloisters in practically in nowheresville as far as food goes.

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              The Cloisters is very beautiful, and a very interesting museum, the area is not ideal for food excursions, but it's worth visiting.