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Jul 28, 2014 06:42 AM

Staying at Silver Cloud Inn University district


Looking for restaurant recommendations near the Silver Cloud Inn in the University district. I will also be at the university. I like all kinds of ethnic food. I will not have a lot of free time but would like to get in a great meal or to. I've been to Seattle before and stayed downtown on that visit so I probably won't visit that area.

I'd love to find some good sushi and Thai. But I like just about anything.



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  1. My two favorite places in the U District (though I usually only am there for lunch) are Chili's

    and Green House Korean (the other korean restaurant up the block is very good, too

    There is a Din Tai Fung in the U Village shopping center, and lots of Thai & Vietnamese small places along the Ave. I'm not sure about good sushi, but would NOT recommend Blue C in U Village, last time I went it was worse than grocery store sushi.

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      Based on where the hotel is, IMO you have little to no reason to travel onto "the Ave" which is what they call university way over the hill from your area. you are within walking distance of many good options. you are just a block off of ne 55th st. which i think is an underrated food destination in town. so as you walk east uphill from the corner of 25th and 55th(google map this), you will find:
      Kidd Valley Burgers-one of the more highly regarded independent
      burger joints in town
      Krua Thai-Best in neighborhood place for Thai
      Franks Oyster House-consistently good. love the lobster roll.
      Pair-very good small plate spot with a farm to table type menu. same ownership as Frank's.
      Gaudi-spanish tapas and very good paella
      Mioposto-new location of an italian favorite with wood fired
      pizza,nice italian options and a unique breakfast menu.
      Additionally, on or just off 25th near your hotel are these options
      Plume-Vietnamese sandwiches-bahn mi-are real good at the location near me. have not been to this one
      Mamma Melina-20 years and still good more variety than Mioposto
      50 North-love the crab cakes
      In the University Village complex most of the restaurants are what I call serviceable. Many will have differing opinions. Agree with avoid Blue C Sushi. Din Tai Fung does have some good dumplings.
      2 newish places i have heard decent things about are Eureka! and Liam's. Also a new location for Molly Moon's Ice Cream in the village. If you want to find some high quality takeout prepared foods for a meal in the park or even your room, Pasta & Co. does "pure" foods ready to go. Same co. owns the world famous Beecher's Cheese.
      Lastly, world class chocalatier Fran Bigelow has a shop in the village. if you love chocolate or caramel it's a must go.
      Enjoy a really nice neighborhood.

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        Bighound, thanks for actually figuring out where the hotel is, I hadn't bothered to search before posting. :) Lots more options not catering to impoverished college students when you get off the Ave.

        Andrea, if you have time and enjoy art, the Henry Art Gallery on campus is a gem.

    2. I don't believe there is good sushi in the University District. There's supposed to be a little Thai place on the Ave (University Way) that's good--there's always a line out the door. I think it's right below 47th on the west side of the street. Very close to it is a small Middle Eastern Place that serves good falafel and gyro. I don't remember the name of either. U:Don is on the Ave farther south--good udon, with a nice selection of toppings including various tempura. They often have specials. Very popular with Japanese students; I'm sure it reminds them of home. Mamma Melina is an Italian restaurant close to the Silver Cloud that's not bad, although a bit pricey. Liam's in U Village is fine for Pacific NW. A branch of Din Tai Fung is also in U Village. My Hong Kong relative recommends the dumplings. Get there early. There's often a line.

      1. I live a few blocks from the Silver Cloud and would not recommend you visit any of the nearby sushi or Thai places unless you truly refuse to eat anything else. Frank's is probably the most interesting place in the neighborhood. If you're looking to spend less, go during happy hour and order as much of the bar menu as you think you can manage. That said, I secretly think that Pair might actually be the better restaurant if you are ordering from the regular menu.

        "The Ave" is a 15-20 minute walk uphill from the hotel. Aside from U:Don, the best places to eat (Chili's, Pam's, Shawarma King, Morsel) are all right around 50th & University. There are a few good/divey Chinese places near U Bookstore as well. Big Time is one of Seattle's OG brewpubs and is worth a visit if you are an IPA fan (but you really just want to go there for the beer).

        For Serious Coffee, Zoka is a good choice. It gets really crowded during the school year but is a nice place when the college kids aren't around.

        Sadly, Julep is a nail salon and Scotch & Soda is a clothing store.

        1. A nice walk up through Ravennna and Cowen Parks will put you at the very door of Salvatore. Old school strong technique. Love the special fish.

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            I would also definitely recommend Salvatore's. By far the best dining within walking distance. Also second the option for Din Tai Fung in U Village. It can be a mob scene but you can either give then your cell number and they will text you or try to snag a seat at the bar. The dumplings are worth the wait.

          2. Thank you for your recommendations. Sounds like I have plenty of good eating choices!


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              You do mention that you will be at the University. If the opportunity presents itself while there, walking north on University Way to 50th and enjoying a biscuit(sandwich or with butter and jam)at Morsel will make your day IMO.Great local spot.