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Jul 28, 2014 06:34 AM

Wedding lunch in Islington (Chinese/Dutch crowd)?

Dear London experts,

we are getting married on a Saturday morning at Islington town hall (Upper street between highbury&islington and angel) and looking for a place to have lunch nearby. I never go out in that area so am a bit lost there, but I'm a bit wary of transporting our families across town.

We will be 15 people and most of the crowd will be either Chinese (which in this case means preference for Chinese or European food, nothing "exotic" like Thai, Indian etc.) or of the type that put great importance on natural, healthy food. I was thinking Ottolenghi but they don't take reservations during the day. We are not too picky in general but it would be nice if you could think of a relaxed place with decent food in that area?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. If I got married in the Town Hall I would probably book the Draper's Arms. Superb British food and also a great place with a great atmosphere and service - they often take wedding parties. It's also about 5 minutes' walk from the Town Hall.

    The other great option in the area would be Trullo, Italian on Highbury Corner (less than 10 minutes' walk). Make sure you are seated upstairs rather than down. It's possibly a bit cramped for a big wedding party but the food is superb.

    If you don't fancy those two then you could look at Fredericks. The food isn't as good but it's perfectly decent and it's a beautiful restaurant and garden especially in summer that would work really well for 15 I would think.

    Finally if you wanted to go a bit offbeat for a wedding there is Smokehouse N1, Neil Rankin's place, again 5-10 mins from upper st.

    You mentioned Chinese - I'd say Yipin China was the only chinese in the area which fitted the bill but I'm not sure it fits the bill for a wedding reception meal.

    1. Hello,
      What about the Pig & Butcher? Smokehouse is tasty with nice interior and good staff. Yipin China does some good Sichuan dishes.