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Phila CH looking for recommendations near Louisville Convention Center

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Looking for good, not necessarily opulent or steakhouse. Quality much more important that quantity. Attending a meeting at the Marriott, which, I assume, is attached to the convention center. August 13-15.

Any recommendations appreciated. TIA.


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  1. Milkwood and Doc Crow's are very close. Proof on Main, Rye on Market, La Coop Bistro, and Decca are all in the downtown area. Gralehaus is a cab ride away but has a nice grits with lamb sausage and various crepes for breakfast or lunch. They also serve Intelligentsia coffee with probably the only Modbar equipment in the area.

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      Thanks, Etonian. We went to Milkwood and found it quite good. Not sure I would have found it without your help.


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        No problem, glad I could help!

        Just had a great progressive dinner in Louisville tonight. Started out at Rye on Market. Had a Perico cocktail with Kumamoto & Wianno oysters. The Perico was very refreshing on this steamy afternoon and loved both oysters. Wianno wins out with the perfect balance of brine, sweetness, and overall size and texture. Oysters were served nice and cool. Wife had The Shit to drink which always pleases. A bit more heat couldn't hurt, though. Cucumber honeydew gazpacho was also very light and refreshing.

        Off to Bistro La Coop. Had the Lavender Room to drink, very tasty and floral. Bartender was very nice and accomodated a request for a non alcoholic mocktail for the wife without hesitation. Pecan salad with blue cheese ice cream tasted great but the presentation was a bit uninspired. Basically a small ice cream scoop of the wonderful ice cream on top of a pile of greens on a retro metal plate. The pile of candied pecans were as tasty as the blue cheese ice cream but were hidden underneath the pile of lettuce. The Wed night special, chicken and waffles with rosemary, was very tempting but had to stick to the progressive nature of the evening and we left and went to Decca.

        Had the El Scorcho to kick it off. A bit heavy handed on the tequila but that seems to be by design based on previous experience with other drink selctions at the bar here. Nice selection of non alcoholic beverages on the menu kept my DD/wife happy. Duck terrine with cherry mostarda and pickled veg was excellent. Blueberry and arugula salad with buttermilk dressing was equally wonderful. Summer corn risotto with lemon and mint was very yummy. Corn clearly fresh and sweet. Almost too much corn to call it a risotto and texture slightly too stiff for a proper risotto but that is probably being too picky as it tasted great. The wife's grilled pork chop and polenta was very good.

        Coffee at Gralehaus with a perfect Black Cat espresso. Wife had a watermelon soda. Great ending to a wonderful evening. Need to come back here to stay at the B&B.