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Jul 28, 2014 05:35 AM

Quiet dinner near Northeastern

I'm trying to come up with a quiet, comfortable spot for a weeknight dinner with a friend near Northeastern. She isn't a very adventurous eater, so sushi and heavily spiced foods are out. I thought of Trattoria Toscana, but need somewhere that will take a reservation. Toro is too loud. Any other ideas?

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  1. My standby in that neighborhood is always Brasserie JO. It's big and bustling but not loud, and I'm always happy with the food.

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      I've always enjoyed Brasserie Jo's too and go there every so often to catch up with a friend that works in the area. Good choice.

    2. Brasserie is close to NU but I think you should explore more possibilities. The South End is at your door step. I like The Butcher Shop on Tremont near Claredon.

      1. If quiet and comfortable is the primary concern, over value, you might see if you can eat at the MFA without paying the admission charge. Bravo seems to be a spot that people enjoy when they really want to have a conversation while eating foods that they recognize.