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Jul 27, 2014 07:11 PM

Restaurant for my NYC mom's 70th birthday.

I'm am looking for ideas of where to take my mom for her 70th birthday. Obviously its a special night - but we have family coming that cannot spend an outrageous fortune on dinner. We would prefer downtown (my mom lives in the village). Basically, something worthy of a 70th birthday event - without an outlandish price tag. Any thoughts.

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  1. Yes. First of all, happy birthday to her in advance! Secondly, please be more specific. None of us have any idea what "outlandish" means to you. Any specifics you could give us in regard to preferences will help us help you.

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      Exactly- and number of people as well....

    2. 5 people total. And something in the range of $100 per person as opposed to $200per person- including drinks.

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        Including drinks is difficult, because we don't know how much you all will drink, and an average wine list may have bottles ranging from $40 to several hundred dollars or more.

        Do you have any preferences for cuisine or particular kinds of ambiance, etc.?

        1. Not downtown, but if mom likes fish Oceana has a pre theater menu (5-6:30) that is 3 courses for $49, with wine pairing for $76. Refined but not overly formal, and easy to converse.