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Jul 27, 2014 06:27 PM

OMG! Liang Pi And Guilin Noodles in Los Angeles Chinatown!

Sorry for the caps, but this is the equivalent of a 7.0 earthquake in the world of Los Angeles Chinese food. As many of you know, from the time of the Gold Rush to the end of World War II, probably 95 percent of Chinese Americans and 100 percent of Chinese restaurants were Cantonese. Even when widespread Chinese immigration was legalized again by the US in 1965, an influx of Hong Kong immigrants maintained the dominance of Cantonese food for decades more, though large numbers of Taiwanese and other non-Cantonese immigrants came to the US and began to introduce new styles of Chinese food. While we know all about the dozen and a half or more regional Chinese cuisines now represented in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles Chinatown, like its San Francisco counterpart, has remained largely Cantonese to this day, aside from a small number of Americanized places and a couple of purveyors of popcorn chicken. Indeed, I can't think of anywhere in LA Chinatown that serves dumplings (not counting XLB at some dim sum places and an Americanized Shanghai restaurant on Broadway).

With this background, apparently while I was in Hungary, Qin West opened in Chinatown, the "West" not referring to West Los Angeles, where the neighboring Chego moved from, but western China, into the space formerly occupied by San Woo BBQ Express, successor to Sam Woo BBQ Express. Didn't get a chance to stop by for more than a few seconds, but things like "Guilin soup", "Lizhou soup" and "baozi noodles" immediately caught my eye (as well as Peking duck and shrimp fried rice). I'm guessing that Qin West has quite a few dishes never seen before in Los Angeles Chinatown (aside from the times I stopped off there with San Gabriel Valley leftovers in my car). Qin West is in the complex formerly known as the Food Center, 727 N. Broadway, #111.

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    1. Last I checked in at the Sam Woo in Chinatown some years ago, most patrons were Latino. Today, many Chinatown Chinese residents are Chiu Chow from Vietnam and do not speak Cantonese. It'll be interesting to see these two communities catch on to Northern Chinese food. Or not.

      1. O.o I'm close enough to check this out sometime too.

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        1. They've been serving this for a year and a half:

          Listed on Chihuo guide to Chinese food in LA since March '14: under Chinese name: 桂陕一家

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            You should have told us! While authentic non-Cantonese food in LA was probably inevitable based on recent events in San Francisco Chinatown, this is earth shattering stuff from a cultural/demographic point of view.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              And hit up the grub there already and report back.

              both of you.

          2. This is why I love Chandavkl.

            Only he can make finding "liang pi" akin to a Porschephile finding a 959 in the wild.

            May he live long and prosper, and never abandon Chowhound.