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Jul 27, 2014 05:56 PM

Hong Kong - Shun Tak-style Dinner at Pang's Kitchen, Happy Valley

1-Michelin-starred Pang's Kitchen, a tiny family-owned casual eatery in Happy Valley serves up some pretty rustic, robust fare reminiscent of its owners' Shun Tak roots. I found its offerings to be a bit "different" from those offered in other family-style casual eats around HK - this one seems to hint that its owners have perhaps lived or worked overseas - maybe London or New York Chinatown? It was a busy evening last night, so we didn't have a chance to ask owner Pang Pak-sheung (friendly chap) who looked pretty busy in the packed restaurant.

What we had:
- Pang's Kitchen appetisers: mashed yam fritters, freshwater fish & shrimps fritters and deep-fried soft tofu. These were common in Shun Tak (Shunde) cuisine and done pretty well here.
- Braised pomelo skin topped with shrimp roe: which is my favourite Cantonese dish of all time! I'd had good ones in Fu Sing, Tim's Kitchen and The Chairman, and the one here is every bit as good. (P.S. - Avoid this dish at Tasty Noodle & Congee outlets - their version's nasty)
- Fish intestines omelette - another Shun Tak-inflected dish, simple and yet satisfying. The fresh eggs & sweet onions, combined with generous ribbons of fish intestines, provided a burst of flavours and contrasting textures which I absolutely enjoyed.
- Fried milk with scallops: another classic dish done very, very well here.

We ordered the sweet-sour pork with strawberries out of curiousity from the concatenated English version of the menu, since it was the oft-mentioned dish by some reviewers and also noted in the Michelin-guide. It was pretty average, and one of the dishes which betrays its owner/chef's previous experience working in the West. We seemed to be the only table which ordered this, as the other diners were all local-Cantonese, and most seemed to opt for the Shun Tak-style fried pork with crispy garlic. Obviously, they know where the chef's forte lies.

Michelin seems to have different rating standards for Hong Kong - where else can one pay HKD750 (USD97) for dinner for 4 persons?!

Address details
Pang's Kitchen (彭慶記)
G/F, 25 Yik Yam Street, Happy Valley
Tel: +852 2838 5462

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  1. Glad you discover this place! AMIGO next? Ha!!! If have time, do give Hong Kong Cuisine a try, then Won Ton Noodle at Mak Sui Kee!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Wished you were here with us, Charles :-)

    2. I don't think we have Shun Tak cuisine in Singapore, do we? It's interesting how there are regional variances even within Guangdong province.

      1. looks time im in HK im planning on hitting more shun de style restaurants, ill put this one on the list