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Jul 27, 2014 05:40 PM

Vancouver July 2014 Trip Report

Just got back from a fabulous long weekend in Vancouver with lots of great eats to report. Recommended bites and experiences:

Dinner at Vij's - pork belly spoons, halibut cheek starter special, lamb popsicles, gin and ginger-lemon. Fabulous meal. We got there around 6 and wait was around an hour and 45 minutes, while we enjoyed cocktails and snacks on the patio. Fantastic drinks after at West a few doors down.

Bar crawl in Gastown - IPA at Alibi, Tequila Martinez at Diamond, Scotch Egg and Esmerelda at Pourhouse, 2 different Best of BC Plates and Wine Pairings at Salt Tasting Room

Fish and Chips and Fish Tacones at Go Fish. Prepare for a long wait - took probably 45 minutes to get our food- but we enjoyed the sunshine and view. Worth the wait.

Poutine with pulled pork and IPA at Flying Pig

Granville Island Tasting Rooms - Liberty Distillery Bloody Mary, trio at Granville Island Brewing Co., trio at Artisan SakeMaker

Also at Granville Island Public Market - honey glazed at Lee's Donuts, salmon candy at The Salmon Shop

Non food recs:
False Creek Ferry to Granville Island
Walking around Stanley Park on the Seawall
Opus Hotel

All in all, LOVE Vancouver. Can't wait to go back.

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  1. Great report, thanks! I want to take it all on as a "tourist in my own city" itinerary. Y'all come back now, y'hear?

    1. Glad you found waiting for almost 2 hours at Vij's acceptable. This reinforces the owner's impression of his wonderfulness and that customers will willingly be treated like cattle to reinforce his ego. Most great restaurants have discovered something called "reservations" which allows both diner and resto to be treated with respect.

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      1. re: J and V

        Sitting in the sunshine with cocktails and complimentary snacks and interesting people to chat with made the wait actually just feel like happy hour - it was a pleasant place to hang out and we knew we would be up against it. Definitely would not work for everyone.

        1. re: J and V

          Actually a review I recently read mentioned that they do a pretty good job of drinks etc while waiting. There is the argument of making it accessible to all with a no reservation approach compared to the high profile places where it can be impossible to get a reservation.