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Jul 27, 2014 05:27 PM

How many SF 49ers football fans really want Vegan food?

How many SF 49ers football fans really want Vegan food?


"May I have a BBQ Pulled Jackfruit sandwich please!"

Could get you in trouble if you said that at a Oakland Raiders game!

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  1. I think asking for arugula at a football game is somewhat akin to a dude asking for milk at an old West cowpuncher's saloon.

    This comment spoke volumes:
    Tim Taylor
    Is that what the goole[sic]/apple employees and high tech elite who are replacing the long term loyal 49er fans at games who can't afford 20k a year licenses per seat will be eating while they watch the games half heartedly from their luxury boxes and company seats?
    Jul 3

    1. My guess is that the Niners' brass is loving the headlines and that the vegan stuff will last as long as the receipts are good and no longer. I particularly like the fact that no hotdogs will be sold at the yard -- only Frankfurters. Pardon me, do you have any tomato condiment for my pommes frites?

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        Make that non high fructose corn syrup tomato condiment for organically grown, local sourced pommes frites.

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          You don't think the 49er ownership polled season ticket holders what food would be popular before and during the stadium build? You aren't implying football fans are so unsophisticated that all they want is beer and hot-dogs?

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            They certainly may have done. When I signed up for the Giants' new park in '97, all they every sent me was an annual invoice so that's my experience. But times change. And what's so unsophisticated about beer and dogs? Or sophisticated about vegan fare?

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                In my long lifetime I've observed often that people sneer at only those entities they find threatening.

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                Heh, yeah "sophisticated" can be swapped-out with many adjectives depending upon how one looks at it.

          2. BFD, tofu dog, garlic fries and beer are vegan. A tofu curry is a good idea but really, it's not that difficult...but better crank up the hype machine because that's a BILLION dollar stadium and it needs to be paid for! Yup, Vegans dropping coin at a Niners game is going to save that Niner bacon!!!

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              I wonder if "Niner Bacon" will become the next culinary fad in the Bay Area...

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                That Niner Bacon will only sold in the City of Santa Clara. So it's a Santa Clara thing. The Faithful will love it however.

            2. This approach will do well.

              This attempt at middle-school style peer pressure won't drive vegans to change their eating habits.

              People who like meat can still eat what they want. Why try to start a flame war?

              1. The Santa Clara 49ers have fans?