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Jul 27, 2014 05:05 PM

Buying used Cuisinart base?

Blew up motor on my Cuisinart food processor. It is small one, 7 cups. I believe the motor is 400w (DC10 model?). Anyhow, replacing it is $100. I am mostly cooking for 2, so the size is sufficient. Checked on Ebay and there are several base units (used) for sale for probably half that cost. Any feedback on your experience buying a used one? Part of me doubts I would be getting one as well taken care of as mine...

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  1. Mine is the same model, if memory serves. It;s old enough that I bet the base is being sold because the plastic bowl or pusher cracked. I'd trust the motor a lot more than the washable parts.
    Pay with a credit card that guarantees refund/replacement, or get an online warranty - they are inexpensive.

    1. Hi BeeZee,

      If you can do without it for a few days, it might be worth your while to check your local thrift shops. I see Cuisinarts show up frequently, often in the smaller sizes. They're normally priced in the $15-20 range, sometimes less. And you'll get more than a base.

      If you can wait, it might be worth your time to check.


      ETA - Don't forget Craigslist, although that's the last resort here in Tampa. I normally strike out there, but you could get lucky.

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        TOTALLY agree with you on this! First C food processor was a very basic model... a little less than $100 brand new. I came across another one in a thrift store for EIGHT BUCKS! It was clean, had blades and ran smoothly. Originally I thought for $8, I have a back-up bowl at the least. Got it home and discovered it was a step up in size, so original went on shelf in garage as a back-up. THEN back in spring (at SAME thrift shop) found yet another on... again for $8, but this time with about 8-10 additional slicing/shredding blades.

        1. re: DuffyH

          Agreed. It's usually the bowl that goes, not the base.

        2. before paying premo ebay prices and shipping I would look in your local thrift stores/flea markets etc

          I picked up a practically unused standard Cuisinart with stickers on some of the blades an no signs of wear for $20 last week - see them more often and cheaper missing blades and other parts - pretty common item you may find way cheap - for half price of new + shipping I would buy new

          1. I bought a used Robot-Coupe base when I relocated from UK to US more than five years ago. I think I read on another thread here that the original Cuisinarts were made in France by Robot Coupe. I paid $25 plus the same in postage on ebay and it is every bit as good as my original, ie awesome!

            1. I decided to buy a new 9c Cuisinart model from B,B&B since I had a gift card and a 20% off coupon to bring the cost down...and will now have the luxury of time to search for a base in thrift stores, etc. so I can give the old one to a recent college grad in the family who is slowly stocking her kitchen. She'll be happy.

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              1. re: BeeZee

                I'd keep the old one. From what I've read, the newer ones fail a lot sooner, and more often, than the originals. I bought mine somewhere around 1979-82. How did you manage to "blow up" the motor on yours?

                1. re: greygarious

                  Trying to chop frozen mango chunks, blade got caught up. Or possibly could have been a piece of candied ginger that got stuck on the end of the blade and acted as a "brake" because it was hard as a rock. Had to pry it off carefully.