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Jul 27, 2014 02:26 PM

Restaurant supply site to buy SS pan?

So I've learned a lot here, and awhile back I was in the market for a 11"-12" SS fry pan and I assumed All-Clad was a good option. I was told a few different restaurant supply sites that offered similar or better quality for less money, but I don't recall which ones they were.

Can anyone recommend a good site (or even a specific 11" or 12" fry pan) to buy from, id greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Unless you're buying in bulk, there is not going to be a lot of savings in buying a full AL clad SS pan from a restaurant supply store vs buying one which is on sale from amazon or something.

    Most restaurants just use raw AL fry pans, without the boded SS interior. That's a good option, just don't use them frying eggs (use your steel pans for that).

    1. I've bought a few things from this online retailer that I couldn't find locally or on Amazon.
      I agree with what Pwizduo said. I doubt you'll find All Clad cheaper @ a restaurant supply company. They may have knockoffs @ good prices. When I shop @ a brick and mortar restaurant supply store I have to tell them I'm a chef to get the better pricing.

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        I was actually referring to the knock offs, if you want a full clad pan, i.e. not just a diffuser base, even the knock offs don't come all that cheaply.

      2. Found the thread I was looking for. Vollrath Tribute is the pan I was looking for. $45, about half the price of the All-Clad pan I was looking at.

        1. For restaurant supply stores, webstaranstore and katom are good options. As Pwizduo and zackly said (as well as yourself), these stores are best for restaurant cookware, not All Clad. Vollrath makes some good cookware.