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Jul 27, 2014 02:12 PM

What is happening with the EDIT feature?

Prior to the new overhaul, it has been possible to change, delete or edit your post within a two hour window of posting. This is no longer possible. I have asked this question and find I am listed as a poster but cannot find the answer.

In the post "POLL: Specific NEW Features That Bug You" I am listed as a poster, the last poster, but can find absolutely no evidence of the post. Where is it? How do I read what I wrote? At one point, I'd deleted the post only to find it. Now the wording has vanished but I remain 'the last poster'. WTF?

Can someone please explain what is happening?
FWIW, I am not a newbie, I have been a CH poster for about nine years and am completely boggled by this new overhaul.

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  1. Hi, Sherri. I can see both your posts in the Q&A you were in. They are both "clarifying questions. Hidden under the OP. See screenshot attached.

    If you click on the down arrow next to "Ask a clarifying question." You should be able to see, and edit them (within 2 hours of posting, anyway.)

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    1. re: mcsheridan

      On a discussion I started, I was able to edit after 14 hours.

      1. re: hyperbowler

        Yes, they opened up the edit window for the OP to 24 hours. The edit window for replies remains at two hours.

    2. I don't understand. You can still edit your post for 2 hours after posting, and if it's an OP, you even have 6 hours.

      1. mcsheridan, I owe you many thanks for the quick answer and explanation. linguafood, please bear with me while I attempt to explain.

        It seems my first mistake was answering a Q&A post. I assumed that if I had a question, I needed to use the Q&A format.
        It was in this format where I erased my first reply, completely obliterated it, yet it appeared. Hence my problem with the EDIT feature.
        In the "discussion" format, the EDIT function remains.

        Boy, I was flummoxed and wrote a second post. When I looked for it, the second post was nowhere to be found. I had no idea that I needed to look under "Qualifying Questions" for it.

        I think, for the time being, whether or not I have a question, I will use the "Discussion" icon and forego any further contact with Q&A. Phew!

        This is an improvement? How so?

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        1. re: Sherri

          This is a great example of the Q&A trap mentioned in the huge thread. Hopefully a real world experience spells out the Q&A folly for Chow Engineering and Chow QA to read. I'm sorry you had that experience but am ever so glad you came back to share how difficult the Q&A format is to use.

          1. re: MplsM ary

            I'd like to hope they'd realize none of the changes are for the better but have come to the realization that they are bound and determined to fix what's not broken - until it is totally terminal. 8>(

            1. re: MplsM ary

              Mary, I agree. Sherri is a valued and experienced CH. This is just a mess.

              1. re: c oliver

                Kind words, c. You made my day. I could not believe that, all of a sudden, all my brains fell out and I was rendered stupid.

                Adios Q&A, we will never be friends.

          2. Ah, gotcha. Since I kinda stay away from the Q&A feature, I haven't noticed that issue.

            But I've not taken part in all the weeping and hand-wringing that's been going on over at site talk. Oh no! Chaaaaaannnnnnnnge.


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              1. re: linguafood

                lingua, I don't mind change when it's needed AND it works AND it's a value-add.

                The majority of the crap they've put out there with the recent rollout wasn't needed, nor does it work, nor is it a value-add.

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  I've participated in other forums with user-generated content, and whenever something was changed, there was a huge pushback from the users.

                  It just is so predictable. Nobody has to use the idiotic Q&A function if they don't want to.

                  I guess I don't get the outrage, because it hasn't affected my way of participating on CH in any way whatsoever.

                  OMCV (others' mileages clearly vary :-))