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Jul 27, 2014 02:09 PM

To Tobermory via Hwy 6 or Hwy 10? Food wise, any advice?

We are heading from Mississauga to Tobermory and want to stop for lunch somewhere along the way. Planning on taking either Hwy 6 or 10 and enjoying a few stops along the way.
Hoping for local fish once we are more north, however love all food and trying new foods.
Are there any places along the way worth stopping for lunch? We'd (myself more than my husband) also enjoy stopping for local/homemade food items to take away.
Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. depending on what time you are leaving you could stop for lunch at either super burger or champ burger on hwy 10 in primrose north of orangeville.


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      I've always been curious about these 2 places. Are they any good, youdonut? Is one better than the other?

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        I have to warn against Superburger. Maybe it was good 20 years ago? But I've been going since I met my husband 13 years ago and it has not been good, and only gotten worse.
        To be honest, the whole trip is not foodie friendly. I don't have any great suggestions. Sorry.
        You might try this place, I never have;
        If you want to buy uncooked local fish, there's Howells in Wiarton, I can vouch for them.

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          Another place on the way up that sounds decent, but location doesn't quite work for us so we have not been yet.
          I'm at the cottage right now and doing some road trips due to bad weather - have found some interesting but out-of-the-way spots: Williamsford Pie co and the Mill bookstore/cafe across the road; Back Eddie's cafe and roastery in Paisley (hippie kinda joint with local focus, no deep fryer, good lamb burger, homemade soups and interesting salad specials). Near Paisley there is also a u-pick fruit farm that also do their own packed sour cherries, something that doesn't seem to make it to the Wiarton Foodland (and groceries only get worse north of there). Way more interesting than the options in Wiarton, Sauble and most points north.

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            Second the Williamsford pie rec, their buttermilk is a favourite. And don't forget the Keady market on Tuesday mornings, it's overwhelming and fantastic!

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              We went to Barrhead's outside Markdale on our way back to the city via back roads. They have a good tap list and decent enough food. Most of it does seem home made, which is great for the area. Fairly limited selections, the largest part of the menu is for their homemade burgers. My DH enjoyed his but I didn't think it was amazing (I do prefer some pink, and this came pretty well-done, not sure if there is any flexibility there). The specials were more interesting but still somewhat limited IMHO. However what I did get was good. They offer a kids' menu, from which the fish and chips were generous and good, but the spaghetti was tiny.
              The location is an old mill and there is some charm to it, but I frankly found it a bit divey both inside and out. Seating, flowers and paint could use some refreshing. We'd stop again if we need a meal on route.

      2. Just visited this place with some friends last week Coffin Ridge Winery...only food they have is a cheese/summer sausage/breads/breadsticks (very nice) plate for two but it's a super interesting place and the wines are's north off Hwy 26 just east of Owen Sound...lovely view of the bay and super nice people...worth a visit...

        1. This may be of interest to you. Enjoy your visit.

          1. I haven't been to it, but I've been at a wedding they catered and was very impressed, and enjoyed their food truck fare at the Harvest Picnic for the last two years - this year I'll make a point of getting to the restaurant!

            The Flying Chestnut Kitchen
            199 Pellisier St
            Eugenia, ON N0C 1E0

            (good reviews on urbanspoon; just north of Flesherton off of Hwy 10)

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Much appreciated.
              I swear there was a post here that said to stop at The Flying Spatula as it was featured on You Gotta Eat Here. Am I losing my mind? The poster said they had drivin there and enjoyed the meal. I swear it was
              Anyway, that's where we stopped. It's in Flesherton.
              I ordered hot turkey with gravy on bread made in house with mashed potatoes, cream corn and broccoli. My husband ordered traditional roast beef sandwich (roast beef made in house). I really enjoyed my meal. Everything was made I house. The turkey was perfectly cooked, moist and a good portion. The mashed potatoes were probably the best I've had. They were mashed with skin on, garlic and I think another seasoning I could not figure out. Creamy and smooth! The creamed corn was tasty, not overly sweet and the broccoli was a big piece cooked just right and still crunchy.
              My husbands sandwich was good, however I'm assuming traditional means served cold as the roast beef was. He was a bit dissapointed after seeing my We shared. For a cold traditional roast beef it was really good. It came on fresh bread of your choice (4 options) with red onions and lettuce.
              The diner was old and neat.......they had garage work lights as the lighting decor with old egg beaters in the windows. Old style seating with a counter area to sit at as well.
              It was definitely worth a stop off Highway 10. Only 3 mins off the path. I'd return.

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                hungyjoanne mentioned The Flying Chestnut Kitchen. Perhaps that is what you are thinking of?

                The Flying Spatula is indeed great. Their hot turkey sandwich is heavenly. Didn't mention that place as it was a bit off your route.

                But glad you found joy!!

                1. re: magic

                  I just realized it was a review on Trip Advisor as I was also looking at that site along with Yelp.

                  Thanks Magic, I did!