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Jul 27, 2014 01:44 PM

Grande Mozzarella

Does anyone know where a guy can pick up this delicious pizza cheese in the greater Boston area? I know that typically Grande is sold by distributors to commercial consumers, but occasionally it surfaces in stores.

Any tips would be much appreciated!

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    1. re: Luther

      The RD in Everett, MA, at least, does not carry the Grande brand. Is there a different RD that does? Thanks!

      1. re: Hasselhoff

        I bought it at the Needham one about 5 years ago

        1. re: Luther

          Thank you, I'll give them a call!

    2. i believe Dom's Sausage in Malden carries it

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      1. re: Slimshady1261

        That would be great! I'll call. Much thanks!

          1. re: APBAPB

            Slim was right! They typically get a shipment in on Monday. They don't always carry the low moisture whole milk Grande that I'm looking for, but the guy I spoke with was very helpful. Calling ahead is a good idea. I'm also guessing, not having been to Dom's before, that typically they sell in large quantities, so if you're looking for something smaller than a case, you might want to make that calling-ahead thing a priority.

            Again: thanks, Slim.