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Jul 27, 2014 01:42 PM

Sunday Breakfast/Early Brunch in 5 Towns or Rockaway

Sorry, not sure if Rockaway is one of the 5 towns :-)

I'm meeting friends on a Sunday morning and I'd like to take them out for a nice breakfast or brunch where we can sit and catch up on old times. One of them has some medical issues so they don't want to stray too far from Rockaway, but the Woodmere-Lawrence-Cedarhurst area would be fine.
Are there any places that would be appropriate? I prefer a place that opens early-ish, but I'll work out the time later.

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  1. Sunflower Cafe in Lawrence. opens 9 AM. In my opinion, most attractive and best food . closest to Rockaway . Far Rockaway is not one of the Five Towns.

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    1. re: susiejane

      If Sunflower Cafe in Lawrence is as good as the one in Brooklyn, you should definitely go there. They're great.

      1. re: CloggieGirl

        The one in Lawrence is pretty good. Draws a big Sunday brunch crowd, though.

    2. I've been here once or twice and food was very good. According to google they open at 6:30am on Sundays. Their website doesn't have hours listed, oddly so best to call to confirm. They are in Cedarhurst in the middle of the main drag, Central Ave.

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      1. re: eastern8581

        I have not been to Central Perk in a long time. it is smaller and much darker than Sunflower which is very cheerful. Central Perk is on Cedarhurst Avenue, north of Central. Food was good as I recall.

      2. Central Perks over Sunflower, more value for your money and tasty too.

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        1. re: MartyB

          I just tried to check the Central Perk Cafe website, which, BTW, needs work. Although there are some pictures which show tables and chairs, the menu qualifies everything with "pickup only." Is it a restaurant or a takeout place?

          1. re: helou

            Yes, I agree their website needs work. It's a waiter service. Perhaps they have online ordering for pickup?

            1. re: helou

              You might also consider The Coffee Bar in Lawrence. Although Sunflower remains my first choice, The Coffee Bar is less crowded than Sunflower and larger and lighter and airier than Central Perk. I miss Ruthy's!

            2. Another really good option is Upper Crust in Cedarhurst. I'm not sure how breakfasty their menu is but they open at 11:00 am

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              1. re: shanirum

                Upper Crust is great but really not for breakfast/brunch.