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Jul 27, 2014 01:11 PM

special wine shop - central/southern NJ

it's my parents' 50th anniversary in September, thinking that a "special" bottle of wine/champagne might be a good gift. I live near Princeton, work near Cherry Hill. Thought about going to Moore Brothers and asking them to look for something, any other places you might suggest? I'm probably going to cap it at $200.

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  1. Total Wine (near the Cherry Hill mall) has a huge selection and some helpful people.

    1. Stop by the Princeton Corkscrew on Hulfish Street - a nicely chosen selection. Not a fan of Total Wine myself: a lot of chaff to separate from the wheat, plus the prices aren't all that great.

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        1. I'd suggest Cool Vines in Princeton. They only carry quality producers and have a lot of labels that you won't find elsewhere. The whole staff are wine geeks and they love to share their knowledge. They do tastings on Fridays, very fun and helpful.

          1. Corkscrew and Cool Vines mentioned above are our Princeton favs. Staff at both are pro's at listening to what you'd like and guiding you to a great selection.

            Another place with good staff to guide you is the Shoprite Wines on Quakerbridge road. It's deceiving how much they carry and the wine guys are also helpful with requests such as yours. Their Italian wine selection is why I shop here. They also have a shop online: