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Jul 27, 2014 12:55 PM

Don Julio's Rincon Latin Grill and Pupusas, Rohnert Park

Stopped here yesterday for dinner before a concert at Weill Hall. Only open for a few weeks we sampled three different pupusas and a chicken tamale. The pupusas, chicken, pork and vegetable were stuffed with nicely seasoned meat and veggies and came with slaw and salsa to complete the experience.
We're no experts on pupusas but these were delish and a large serving. We didn't need the chicken tamale but it was also very tasty and we wound up eating everything.

Outside dining tables were nice on this warm day. The owner was extremely gracious and a pleasure to talk to. When I asked what to order next time (besides more pupusas) his answer was the “tropical burritos” with marinated meats and added enhancement such as mango salsa, apple chipotle etc. Sounds really good!
He also mentioned that a wine and beer license would be arriving soon.

Tucked away in an old shopping center, the address is 217 Southwest Blvd, Rohnert Park. Don Julio's is serving up some delicious and inexpensive Salvadorean and Latin food.

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  1. That was the site of my favorite pupusa place, El Malecon. Some good karma there, and I look forward to trying it.

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      That certainly is a coincidence, look forward to your thoughts on Don Julio's.

    2. I had dinner at Don Julio's tonight. The papusas were excellent. As good as I've had. The slaw accompaniment was also excellent. The tamale was also very good.

      The family that runs the place was very nice. Mom was in the back cooking, her son worked the front. They've been open for two months and were proud to be serving papusas in the area again.

      Definitely worth a return trip.