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Jul 27, 2014 12:47 PM

Rediscovered Masellis Supermarket

It had been a few years since I was in Masellis for some reason. The store is old school Italian Grocetteria for lack of better words. A remnant to when Danforth was actually another Little Italy. Last week we decided to go for a walk on the Danforth and ventured inside. What impressed us was the meat counter and fresh produce believe it or not. Got a few good deals. Produce was crisp and at a better price than the big box stores. We also picked up some chicken sausage that was 4 for $5 and was wonderfully seasoned. We went back today and were equally impressed. Anyone else been lately?

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  1. Am example of today: Celery was $1.49 each compared to $1.99 at the bigger stores and the Red Lettuce was only $1.49 for a decent sized bunch. Hey, a few bucks here and there off your food bill isn't a bad thing eh?

    1. i go regularly. for various grocery items. their house-made prosciutto is pretty darned good. fridays, good deal on burrata. shhh.

      1. I go there about once a month. The guy at the meat counter is very friendly and helpful. I also like the imported biscotti across from the meat counter. They always have my favourite sparkling water (San Benedetto), even when it is hard too find and No Frills and Loblaws.

        It's not the Cheese Boutique, but it's been hard to get to the CB with the Gardiner being a mess for so long.

        1. Agreed. I think since Sun Valley closed they stepped it up a notch or two and have gained more customers which must help.

          I love their fresh ricotta on Saturday mornings and very nice deli meats.

          Love supporting local.

          1. Shhhh. I used to be able to pick up fixins for dinner at 6pm with minimal lineup. Now half the neighbourhood is in there, and they only have one cash...