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Jul 27, 2014 12:31 PM

Plain baked/grilled chicken and or chicken fingers/tenders in downtown?

Coming to LA for the first time i have a picky eater with me that has health issues and other reasons they are picky

looking for a good place that is by the la live area that i can get a pretty plain piece of grilled or baked chicken that is cooked good meaning not too dry/overcooked also looking for a place that has chicken fingers/tenders and would be great if the both these kind of places served things like fries

i know very boring basic and plain, ive done some searching and its pretty hard to find a place

so any suggestions from people that would know best would be great


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  1. It's not fine dining, but the Yard House at LA Live would probably work for you.

    1. Urban Radish or Ralphs.