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Jul 27, 2014 11:57 AM


Went to Plan Check with another couple and our collective 3 grade school kids. Sat on the patio with two tables next to each other one for the kids and the other for the adults. All were able to have a great time and very good meal and drinks. The fried chicken is some of the best in town and the fries were very good. Hot, think and well done. Seared tuna was surprisingly good. The bar has somewhat obscure high end choices at good prices. There is now a kids menu which is reasonable and offers a number of choices like burgers, PBJ etc. Server brought complementary desert which was very nice. Great evening for all.

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  1. Plan Check is the first bar-type place (that fell more like a bar as opposed to a restaurant that had a bar) that my then-12 year-old son and I visited as just the two of us - we usually travel for meals as a family. At first, he didn't get why he was going since he had always associated bars as adults only (a few years back, he was bummed out when we had to explain to him that he couldn't go to Father's Office with us and some friends). I attempted to explain to him that not all bars are just for adults, that some bars welcome families - that you as a minor can sit and order food and drinks too - just not the adult-type drinks. He still was a little uncomfortable so I decided we should sit outside in the patio area (as far from the bar as possible). The waitress brought the menus and when he saw pickled eggs, his attitude changed. Pickled eggs? I still don't understand why this was the impetus for his turning point. The ice cream bars and donuts were also big hits as well. Burgers are a slam dunk. Now, Plan Check is one of his first choices when it's his turn to choose where to eat.

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      We sat on the patio too. Great on a warm summer night.

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        My kids feel the same. They love the Southern Fry Sandwich.

      2. Did the junior hounds order off the kids menu? Just curious if they found any dishes in particular to their liking.

        And it's fun that the kids got to have their own table (probably nice for the adults as well).

        When the weather is right, that outside area is much more conversation-friendly than the interior (gets pretty loud in there). Good call.

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          They ordered off the kids but for older kids there are plenty of choices on the regular menu.

          1. My kids did not like Plan Check much. Hmm, neither did their parents. :-)

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              My youngest did not like it either, felt the cheeseburger was toos soft and the fake cheese not satisfying.....