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The Table d'hote at Comte Senard

Any strong opinions on this lunch/tasting? So far, I am finding lukewarm comments both pro and con.

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  1. It's always been great IMO. The only worry now is they've gone up considerably in price.

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      Thanks. Coming from you, that's a strong rec.

    2. Hi mangeur,

      This looks to us a good fit and we have reservation here in September. How does Comte Senard align on your fine-tuned sextant?

      Here's their price in short:

      3 Wines:1 régional, 1 village, 1 premier cru / Duration* : 1h00/15 approx.49.00 €

      6 Wines: 2 régionaux, 1 village, 1 premier cru, 2 grands crus / Duration* : 1h30 approx. 69.00 €

      6 Grands Crus: 5 red grands crus, 1 white/ Duration* : 1h30 approx. 95.00 €

      One of my concern here is that in attempt to coordiate the food, wine and people the relaxed atmosphere may be lost.

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        Hi, Kurtis.

        I think one can approach these kinds of tasting opportunities in several ways. The serious approach where wine is the overriding interest, food a counterpoint and, well, people are just short of a problem. Or think of it as a joyous ride where all come together, jostling for importance during the meal.

        At this point, I have changed course to keep things simple. We will be staying in Puglingy Montrachet and I don't want to ask DH to drive the 20some km after drinking what is probably an illegal amount of wine. So I have booked dinner instead at Olivier Leflaive, just down the street so we can crawl home. :)

        I realize that the Leflaive experience will not come up to the Comte Senard in terms of either food or wine, but it will be a laidback evening and with luck enjoyable. And we are not terribly serious people.

        I do hope to lunch at Comte Senard on another visit. I will definitely look for your report on it in September.

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          When we stayed there we took cabs to nearby restaurants, not that far or that expensive. An option to consider.....wise to get the hotel and restaurant to book them. Our return trip to Chagny was quite modest.

          Based on my lunch at Leflaive it will be interesting to hear your report - I thought it decent enough to accompany some wine tasting but enjoyed the food at our hotel better (Le Montrachet).

          1. re: mangeur

            I think you're spot on! A drive is never the thing after these lunches. LeFlaive will be a good experience too. Their wines are actually quite good. The food is a bit meh, but it's not bad. P-M is a great village. Enjoy! Look forward to your report too.

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              We enjoy companied meals on occasions but much more prefer an intimate meal, and so the dread of possible un-laidback lunch w/ terribly serious people...

              From my reading and impression, Leflaive table d'hote seems more relaxed this way, in that the service seems more individualized vs the group effort at Comte Senard.

              1. re: Kurtis

                Aha! Thanks for lifting the scales from my eyes. Reviewing the brochure, I see the communal tables. These we love in simple settings but realize how oppressive they might be with a serious (and competitive) group.

                1. re: mangeur

                  ...and after 3 or 6 glasses of wine, w/ that lazy susans at the center of tables, I imagine the wine glasses won't be the only thing being (s)whirled around?!?

                  1. re: Kurtis

                    Not that it couldn't be that way, esp. at Senard, but in the 8 years we've been going we have never had to sit with another group unless we wanted to do so. Then again, it can still be loud even if you're just next to a big group.