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Jul 27, 2014 11:14 AM

New Cookbook: Pickles, Pigs and Whiskey

I just had Pickles, Pig, and Whiskey out of the library and after browsing through it I bought it. It is by John Currence. I do recommend giving it a look if you like Southern cooking. I have spicy okra pickles in my canner right now from the book. They are going to be delicious. One caveat, the time he gives for water bath canning is 45 mins. 15 mins. is fine with a 5 min. rest before removing from the bath.

I am going to be giving the book a work out!

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  1. Hi, Candy:

    Coincidentally, I leafed through this book today at a store, and was very impressed with the preps, presentation, photos, pretty much everything.

    I urge others not to think the title is indicative that the author is a backyard BBQ jockey or that the preps are not serious culinary work. Neither could be further from the truth.

    The un-stuffiness from a chef as skilled as Currence is really great.

    Keep posting as you work through the book, OK?


    1. Is this book similar to Smoke & Pickles, sort of new American Southern fare coupled with non-regional ingredients, or more straight forward Southern fare with Southern ingredients?

      Or something altogether different?

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        Smoke and Pickles is by Edward Lee down in Louisville. This book by John Currance is totally different. He is from New Orleans and has a restaurant in Oxford Ms. now. Like Frank Stitt, someone he admires as do I,with his market to table cooking style. He is very well trained. His first mentor was the late Bill Neal of Crook's Corner in Chapel Hill. Take a look at the book, it is definitely a keeper.

        1. re: Candy

          But I do love Smoke and Pickles - so novel but still so delicious!!

          1. re: WNYamateur

            I did check out Smoke and Pickles and am planning a run down there for lunch one day soon. It is not far and I need to get some appraisals done for insurance. I did read Smoke and Pickles. I've not purchased it yet. I'd like to eat there first and maybe get an autographed copy of the book.