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Jul 27, 2014 11:06 AM

New Califonia Sandwiches on Yonge @ Carlton

Stopped in here after work the other day for a sandwich to go. The space is very modern looking with a real "fast food" vibe. They were almost empty at 6pm and one couple had ordered ahead of me but it still seemed to take a quite while to get my veal sandwich. When I got home the coating just fell off of the meat and the meat itself looked gray and was a bit chewy. I doubt I will go back.

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  1. I've never had anything bad to say about a California Sandwich before visiting this location, but I was not impressed when I stopped here a few weeks ago. Seemed like less meat than usual stacked up, and they forgot my jalapenos.

    The good news from this is that I haven't gained any weight from wanting to return every day on my commute home like I did when I lived in Little Italy.

    1. Having never been, do you think the sandwiches would travel well for 45 minutes (which is how far away I am from the Burlington outpost)?

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        No, I traveled less then 20 minutes and I did not think it held up.. Bun was falling apart and like I said the coating slid right off the veal and the meat seemed chewy. Not sure how it would have been if I ate it in the shop.. but I will wait for others to give their verdict before I try again.

        1. re: ehmi

          Definitely, but make sure you ask for the sauce on the side, otherwise it'll become a soggy mess. With the sauce on the side the sandwich travels surprisingly well.

          1. re: Michael N

            Thats actually great news. We have been wanting to try for quite some time, but have held back because of the 'fall apart' factor, and I wasn't sure if they were open to requests.