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Jul 27, 2014 10:43 AM

Are copper lids really necessary for copper pots?

I'm looking to start a copper cookware collection, however I was wondering if there was a functional reason for getting copper lids. Would there be an issue with using stainless steel or glass lids until I could upgrade the lid at a later date?

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  1. Been there, done that. In my humble opinion, the main requirement of a lid is that it should fit well. You can match lids to pots and pans by matching the diameter size (usually in cm. for copper) or use the lollipop lids that fit a range of sizes. Copper lids look nice, but are not necessary.

    1. Really not necessary. In fact, a stainless steel lid should be better for caretaking and for structural strength. You don't want to use a

      The concept of a lid is to simply trap heat within the cookware. It is not the same as the bottom of a cookware where heat conduction laterally and vertically matters.

      1. Get some of the silicone lids they are great and don't need polishing, The copper lid is cosmetic. Yes they work but it is just about how they look.

        1. No issue whatsoever. I have a very mixed collection of cookware, and one of my favorite things about it is that each of my (stainless) lids fits at least two pans: a 9.5" for the medium skillet, the large saucier, and the 8-qt stock pot; the 8" for a large saucepan and a small skillet; and the 7"+ for the smaller saucepan and smaller saucier. Several of the pieces are copper, others tri-ply stainless.

          1. Looks like without at least one lid I'm below the threshold for free shipping on Falk. So a second question would be if I had to pick a lid, should I pick the lid that fits two pans out of three, or one lid that fits one pan exactly and is bigger than the other two?

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              <should I pick the lid that fits two pans out of three, or one lid that fits one pan exactly and is bigger than the other two?>

              I am not sure if I understand your question. I don't know what your cookware are, but you (usually) want a lid that fit nicely with your cookware: more important for a pot or a saucepan than a saute pan or frying pan.

              I am not sure why you cannot buy more than one lid....