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Jul 27, 2014 09:44 AM

Received "Creamy Cranberry Horseradish" sauce. What else can I put it on?

Never tried horseradish until a few days ago when I was given this. It's basically ground up horseradish, ground up cooked cranberries, in a mayo base.

I'm really enjoying it on turkey sandwiches, as per my google search results suggested. I don't know how else to use such a specific sauce. Any ideas?

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  1. It is a match made in heaven with smoked mackerel or other smoked, fatty fish. But smoked mackerel is the best.

    Oh, and please share where whoever gave you this found it. It's widely available where I come from, but where I live now it isn't.

    1. First thought was about anything poultry... chicken, turkey, duck!?! Bet it would be good with pork or even on a nice pink/red burger. Maybe even shrimp... it's sometimes BBQd/grilled with some kind of a sweet sauce.

      Is it SWEET or sweet?

      1. Try it with some Panko fried shrimp.
        Try it on a BLT.
        Try it on some poached Tilapia.
        Try it with some grilled, rare Flank steak.
        Try it with some home made French fries.

        Welcome new Chowhounder!

        1. If its more tart and spicy than sweet use for sweet potato fries.
          If its more sweet than spicy/tart whisk with a little fresh lemon juice for a salad dressing on an arugala, tomato, green onion, crushed almonds salad.

          Use to make tuna or chicken salad