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Jul 27, 2014 07:53 AM

Feedback please!

Planning on August, GW Fins (or would Peche be a better choice, keep going back and forth on that one), Herbsaint, and Cochon. Am I missing something special? Last time in NO was 1984 and the budget was very different- this will probably be the last time. There are so many choices narrowing it down is difficult and any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. When you have a limited number of meals, as you do, you just have to pick great places, as you have done, and not worry so much about whether there are better (which is an unanswerable question, as much as we all try). You have some really good places listed. Some will agree that your choices are the best; others will insist that some other place is better. Your list makes it clear that you've done some research, so just go with it and enjoy!

    All of that said, if I had to add one place to your list, it would be Clancy's (or, alternatively, Brigtsen's), which would allow you to see an altogether different side of New Orleans (both figuratively and literally -- as it is on the opposite side of the city from the places you have listed). Since this may be your last visit to the city, I do think you should add an uptown place to your list. It adds, IMHO, a different dimension to go to a place that's not in the tourist epicenter (not that tourists don't venture to these places -- the do -- it's just that they have a different feel, IMHO).

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        Yes, I agree with Blumie. Both Brigsten’s and Clancy’s would be good choices. If you chose Peche, that would be 3 restaurants from the same chef and there’s nothing wrong with that per se, but I think you might want to branch out a bit.

      2. Like you, went to New Orleans for the first time in years last December. Had a fine meal at Cochon, but the clear winner was the dinner at Clancy's. So like Blumie I would strongly recommend you go there. One of the best meals I've had anywhere in a while.