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Jul 27, 2014 07:52 AM

Alternative to EMP

I've always had Eleven Madison Park on my list. Unfortunately, the fixed price tasting menu is out of my price range. What is the closest alternative to EMP? Similar cuisine and execution. Preference is to have an ala carte option. Entrees around the $50 range.

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  1. I'm a little confused. EMP does not have a prix fixe, only a $225pp tasting menu. EMP eliminated their prix fixe lunch ($75 I think) and prix fixe dinner ($125) in September 2012. Any threads before September 2012 are discussing the old menu structure.

    What is your actual budget per person for food only if it is a prix fixe ?

    Have you looked at The NoMad?

    1. Kathryn- sorry for the confusion. I messed up my vernacular. I meant the $225 tasting menu.

      Refined budget: $75 per person. Food only

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      1. re: daves_32

        I'd look at the NoMad like Kathryn suggested - same chef/owners as EMP.

        Also Betony, which was opened by EMP alumni.

      2. NoMad and Betony both SOLID choices as alternatives and to make the choice even more confusing I'll throw in The Dining Room at The Modern because you have the chef and his second both alums of EMP and they are doing great stuff.

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          The Modern is great. OP had asked for an a la carte option, so I think the Bar Room would be better.

        2. Just to add on, I have read through various threads and I am returning to NYC -- trying to decide between NoMad and Betony. I dined at the NoMad last time I was there and loved it (have previously also been to EMP) - especially over the duck dish at the NoMad. Betony's menu looks interesting but I am having a tough time deciding .. any thoughts? THANKS !!

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            I really like both places, but I would give Betony the edge. It's more creative, and you remember the flavors a week later.

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              I love them both but since you did The NoMad already why not give Betony a try? It is a fantastic place with excellent service and the food is very sophisticated.

              1. re: kyra2224

                Can't go wrong with either restaurant.

                1. re: degustingdiary

                  Okay perfect! Thanks for your input. NoMad was delicious and would be my "safe" option but Betony looks more creative as you have mentioned. Thanks for the push :) I will report back with my meal!

                  1. re: kyra2224

                    Love both restaurants so you'll have a great time at either. Highly recommend the foie gras bonbons and the lobster at Betony. This is reminding me that I'm overdue for a return visit to Betony.

                    1. re: kyra2224

                      Maybe you can find time and go for a drink at the new nomad bar while you are here....and have the best of both worlds:)


                2. The original comment has been removed