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Jul 27, 2014 07:10 AM

What are the best hard ciders to purchase?

I am new to cider and would like suggestions on brands and differences in types.

  1. jpr54_1

    I have found an older link on chowhound but wanted more info

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  1. Stella Artois Cidre is a crisp cider not too sweet but coming from Stella makes it seem like they are jumping on a trend.

    Speaking of fads, I liked the Angry Orchard Elderflower which was very tart. I say fad, because it seems Elderflower is popping up everywhere, even though elderflower cordials date back to ancient Roman times.

  2. I've only had three. "Angry Orchard" was the best, I'd definitely buy again. The two others were Woodchuck and Hornsby's. Purely subjective choice based on flavor.

  3. Lots of local ciders are popping up, and of course some are being shipped to distant markets. Schilling in Washington state makes some very nice ones, including one with ginger. These come in 4pk can.

    Crispin is pretty easy to find. They make a wide variety, including a blackberry perry. Also some interesting variations in 22oz bottles.

    Speaking of 22oz bottles, if you like a sweet cider, look for JK's Scrumpy, organic, unfiltered and quite sweet. From Michigan, if I recall.

    E Dupont is a nice Normandy cider, and there are some great Basque ciders with some serious, puckering sourness going on.

    Poke around on the internet, become familiar with some of these variations and start to experiment.

  4. If you like more complex flavors and aren't looking for sweetness I suggest the unfiltered, unpasteurized Etienne Dupont cider from Normandy. It's fermented with wild yeast and has a unique flavor profile.


    Virtue, from Michigan. Outstanding traditional European style ciders. Might be hard to find depending on your location. Woodchuck has about 6 or so different styles, I'd sample their lineup and see wyou think. They're all on the sweet side. The JK Scumpy is real nice, but also sweet.
    I wouldn't touch the Stella Atrious Cidre, probably made with corn syrup.


    Of the supermarket brands, Angry Orchard's probably the best I've tried. Elderflower seasonal is good, but their Cinnamon Apple seasonal is outstanding - I was able to find it at Total Wine year-round. Green apple a little too tart for me.

    If you can find it, Woodchuck's pear flavor is also really nice.

    Source: I'm a 2014 college grad with lots of cider-loving hipster friends who also need to buy cheaply.


    Harpoon's Hard Cider is now available again for the season. List of ingredients: Fermented Apples. This and Bantam Coder are my favorites.


    I meant hard cider-


    Only type - unpasteurized / fresh.

    Best brand - Phantom Farms -