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Jul 27, 2014 01:40 AM

Les Affamés

Has anyone been to Les Affamés on St Catherine close to pieIX??

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    1. I'm curious to read opinions about the place as well. It's not far from my house, but I've never been. I don't really frequent that part of Sainte-Catherine that much.

      1. I finally went, not so long after i posted this. I actually went back twice, once for breakfast on a saturday morning. I Liked it so much I went back for dinner last wednesday. I Loved it. Can't believe i didn't hear about that place and how nice it is before. I just love everything, the decor, the music they are playing, the staff, everything.

        I was lucky i got there at 9 they still had room for two at the bar. They no table available until 12:30. I found out they take reservations. If you want to go for the brunch better to reserve, the day before at least.

        I had a fresh orange juice and a latté and the boyfriend had a sparkling home maid ice tea. They have few choices or virgin mixed drink.

        I ate the french toast with walnuts, green apples and caramel. To die for. It is pretty heavy but the apples make it feel like it is lighter and the whole dish tasted sooo good. The boyfriend ordered the cheddar bisket sandwich with; fried egg, duck confit, maple syrup bacon and old cheddar cheese. That came with breakfast potatoes which were soo good too. They are a kind of rosti mix with tex mex spices. Soooo good! Can't actually wait to go back and try the others choices on the menu.

        The dinner. The place is really not as busy as for the brunch. There were may be 5 tables in the restaurant. The food was almost just as good. I had an appetizer of asparagus, very good and a main of duck breast with ''trompettes de la mort'' mushroom on a bed of lentils. Very good too. The boy friend ordered an appetizer of scallops which very nice and a main of bison tartare really liked.

        That place is great, the food is very good and they have a great cocktail list too which they said they change few times a year.

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          Thanks, abbricot. I had actually read many positive reviews of Les Affamés, but figured that you could do that just as well. Given its location, of course they were all in French-language media and blogs.

          Many concerned their brunch, and I'm not fond of brunch, so I was glad to hear that they are good at suppertime as well.