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Jul 26, 2014 10:05 PM


My partner had recently mentioned a desire for steak frites, and I saw the name of this restuarant pop in the Petit Trois thread. Couldn't remember hearing about it b/f and thought I'd give it a try.

Really yummy. Menu is super short (entrees consist of steak frites, salmon w/ fries, portobello mushroom w/ fries, and, um, that's it). Prix-fixe menu, 3 courses. Sorrell soup was tasty, salad was fine. The waiter gave us what little remained of the pinot grigio gratis (classy) and asked us to order another beverage.

The steak frites were just marvelous. OH. MY. GOD.
Love the 2 portion set up, and each bite of the steak was marvelously tender and BEEFY. I don't know what the hell is in the sauce, but it was so delicious. Fries are perfectly cooked and strong enough to be hold up well after being tossed w/ the sauce.

Amaretto cake was good (very moist), and the profiteroles were WONDERFUL. Delicate but w/ a nicely chewy interior.

There's also a "late night" menu.

$25 for 3 courses. For the quality of the food, I think it's actually quite cheap.

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    1. The sorrell soup... is probably better than anything at Petit Trois.

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      1. re: TonyC

        Can't comment on Petit Trois, but the sorrell soup was really lovely. Rich yet tangy. And better than the salad (which was fine but mildly boring.... The tomatoes were great, though). I think they also use sorrell for either the salmon or the mushroom entree.

        nosh, thanks for the posting the link. =)

        1. re: paranoidgarliclover

          You are welcome. Whenever i do that I have a vision of Servorg smiling in approval. ;-)

      2. Were there people in there? I live just down the street and keep meaning to support it and just can't get there. That spot has not had great luck lately.

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        1. re: OutshinedLA

          The place seemed quite full when I went (esp inside; I was on the patio).

        2. (meant to reply to outshined....)

          1. Is it 2 portions of steak + frites, or is it just 2 portions of frites to keep it all crispy?

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            1. re: ns1

              2 portions of BOTH. =) =) =) =) Each frites portion is... sizable (although I think the server gave me an extra helping of the 2nd portion). There's only a few slices of steak per portion, but it's so rich that only a few slices are necessary. The frites are good but not transcendent. They're a lot like a bigger (per fry), perhaps less oily, definitely less salty version of McD's (which I really like, BTW).

              1. re: paranoidgarliclover

                So I'm confused, I thought they just served the steak and fries in separate portions, but it sounds like, picking an arbitrary weight like 8 oz for example, you get 4 oz of steak with some fries, then, when you're done with that, another 4 oz of steak with some fries? So when you say 3 courses for $25, it's soup/salad for the first, and then two courses of steak, no dessert?

                1. re: TheOffalo

                  Maybe I'm not describing it well. The 3 courses are soup/salad, steak frites, dessert. The steak frites are served in 2 portions. Portion one is served in a "normal" way (4-5 pieces of sliced steak + fries on a plate). When you're done w/ that, they come around and serve you another 4-5 of slices steak and fries from a tray. The portion sizes are roughly equal btw portion 1 and 2.

                  1. re: paranoidgarliclover

                    The menu mentions that soup or salad is part of the $25 but not dessert. If it is, then that is a crazy good deal. The soup/salad are $7 each, the desserts are $7-8 each, a la carte, already, but I'm assuming what comes with the $25 meal are smaller portions?

                    1. re: TheOffalo

                      Having that amount of both steak and frites, preceded by soup or salad, I'm not sure I want any dessert.
                      Too full already.
                      Hope the wine list is worthy.
                      Otherwise, many places serve steak/frites, and $25 is not an out-of-line price.
                      Typically, the soup or salad option if basically a throw-in item that costs almost nothing.

                      1. re: carter

                        Definitely not out of line, just didn't sound like it could also include dessert without the place not making any money, since it seemed like the place used quality ingredients.

                    2. re: paranoidgarliclover

                      This is slightly incorrect:

                      $25 is for a full order steak frites + soup or salad. Dessert is extra ($7 for profiteroles). There aren't 3-courses. It's just a massive portion of steak frites (split in 2 portions), with 1 side (Get the soup). Republique's fries are bang-on, and these fries are nearly as bang-on

                      Per my post as mentioned by the OP, the bread service alone is nearly priceless:

                      With 2 glasses of wine, I couldn't do dessert, so I opted for cheese.

                      Beyond Papilles and Patina, this is easily my third fave "French" place in LA right now, precisely because at 10PM on a Wednesday, it's just my mouth, and a steak knife, versus Rhone and beef.

                      If one's actually nitpicking portions of steak frites + soup on Beverly Grove for $25, one should just instead opt for $15 lobster + sirloin at Norwalk's Outback Steak.

                      Also, just like Bludso's, one should ask for SotS here.

                      1. re: TonyC

                        No one's nitpicking, just asking for clarification. $25 for salad/soup and steak frites is a great deal. $25 for salad/soup, steak frites, and desserts seemed almost too good to be true.

                        1. re: TheOffalo

                          Wait a minute, I think I know where the confusion is.

                          L'Assiette was offering a DineLA menu that really WAS 3-courses (including dessert) at $25. We never got a "regular" menu, so we asked the server (who had only been there one wk) what the pricing of the regular menu was like. He said that he thought management was simply going to continue the DineLA price scheme indefinitely.

                          I apologize for this pretty significant omission; I simply completely forgot to mention this interaction in my write-up.

                          Still, I think $25 for the bread (no, it's nowhere close to Bucato-quality, but it's fine) + soup/salad + steak frites is a good value. But not crazy good.

                          Truth be told, while I liked our desserts, I think I'd probably try the cheeses, too, rather than pay more for the dessert.

                          Again, sorry about that. =(

                          1. re: paranoidgarliclover

                            Thanks for the clarification. Makes sense now.

                            I'm convinced there is nowhere near where (that much) steak frites + soup can be had for 25.

                            1. re: TheOffalo

                              I didn't even know you could ask for it that way. I probably would've ended up pouring it all over the fries, anyway.

                              1. re: paranoidgarliclover

                                I see they have a "poutine" on their late night menu...

                                1. re: TheOffalo

                                  I saw that, as well. I wonder if they "shred" or cut the steak into smaller pieces? Not sure if goat cheese would provide the texture that I got from the P'tit Soleil rendition of poutine (which I really liked). Maybe we should do a comparo? ;)

                                  Although, truth be told, I'd probably be more likely to order the steak sandwich from the late-night menu.... ;)

                            2. re: ns1

                              Glad you asked the question.

                              I remember the previous L'Angolo restaurant - does this place get busy, crazy busy, or are tables generally available on a walk-in basis?
                              I realize that DineLA might have skewed this answer, but if anyone has been in the last few days, would love to know. Sometimes spur of the moment does hit.
                              " precisely because at 10PM on a Wednesday, it's just my mouth, and a steak knife, versus Rhone and beef."
                              Regardless of night of the week TonyC, you've got good taste in wine pairing.
                              Good CdR or CdP is a perfect match.