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Jul 26, 2014 07:55 PM

Storing Chopped Tomatoes Overnight

So I have about two pounds of chopped fresh tomatoes from a friend with a garden -- chopped because they were getting soft and was worried they wouldn't make it until tomorrow. I am planning on making a Checca tomorrow night (just chopped).
Right now, they are room temperature in an airtight container -- any suggestion for storage for the next 24 hours? Thanks.

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    1. I think you had better refrigerate them. Cut tomatoes can start to deteriorate really fast.

      1. Well this looks different!

        I had a similar question about storing gazpacho. I noticed that many recipes suggested serving it chilled, so I stored some in the fridde rather than trying to chug it all in one go. It was fine. I also found this on the effect of chilling on tomato volatiles.

        1. I HATE cold tomatoes for anything raw. Have 3 BIG tomatoes sitting in a bowl on counter. Planning a summer favorite for lunch... THIN sliced tomatoes on buttered white bread, generous on mayo, S&P. The rest of that tomato will sit on a cutting board (cut side down) till I decide how it might get incorporated into dinner later. I don't know what "checca" is... heading to google.

          1. After being cut, they'll turn to mush on the counter, refrigerate them.

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              That is not my experience. Perhaps it depends on the temp of the kitchen and the variety of the tomato?